Ode to Baseball

By JakeElman
Mar. 30, 2014

With baseball returning tonight, it's time to celebrate the return of America's pastime

Derek Jeter will hope to go out with his sixth World Series ring (AP)

Written by Jake Elman 


Baseball is back, a new season begins

For each of our thirty teams to come out and win

The temperature is getting warmer, the snow is melting

For the first time in forever, no Rivera or Helton

This will be the last shot for Konerko and Jeter

Luckily, though, both were never called cheaters

Who will win AL MVP? Cabrera or Trout?

It's certain that both will be hard to get out

Both are celebrating new, hard-earned cash

Can Giancarlo Stanton make the Marlins not trash?

No more Rodriguez; steroids are dying

And somewhere in Chicago, a Cub fan is crying

As the streak will soon hit one hundred and six

The fan wonders why their team cannot hit

Or even pitch for that matter

All jokes aside, the love for baseball gets fatter

Coming off a season with plenty of shock

Baseball fans still wonder why Joe Buck has a job

Coming off a season filled with Boston Strong

Can the Red Sox prove everyone wrong?

The Yankees are back, playoff time perhaps?

I hope their postseason dreams don't collapse

American League Central, the Royals take the crown

While the West has the Athletics the talk of the town

Thanks to Billy Beane, moneyball is on the map

But still, their stadium is filled with crap

The NL East has Natitude, the Cardinals have latitude

Come October, Mattingly will show gratitude

To Yasiul Puig, the second year vet

Soon to be the greatest player Donnie's ever met

David's Price is right, he wins Cy Young

And I'm certain Stephen Strausburg will have fun

Tanaka and Hamilton Rookie of the Year

While Hamilton and Lincecum will shed no more tears

As their struggles are over; a new era begins

Each of these men will get their team wins

Who will take it all in the end?

That's a good question, isn't it friend?

Baseball is back, so rep your team proudly

And make sure that this season, you'll cheer for them loudly

I hope you enjoyed this terrible 'ode to baseball' that I did. If you want to follow me on Twitter, then follow @JakeElman. Here's to a great baseball season...go Yankees!!


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