Yankees Do Right By Not Signing Cano

By JakeElman
Dec. 06, 2013

By not signing Robinson Cano, the Yankees ended up winning

240 million dollars over 10 years? I win! Or do I...?

Written by Jake Elman


Just thought I'd do a quick post from my phone before I go to work. I'm covering high school wrestling today; fun stuff. Hey, I'd rather do that than go drink and yell TURN UP while talking about Hurricane Sandy at a circle table. Kidding, of course. Or am I? 

Anyways, I was shocked, just like everyone, when the reports came in that Robinson Cano signed for 10 years and 240 million dollars with the Seattle Mariners. Flabbergasted, astonished, doubtful...lots of words would describe my mood. I will say, however, that everyone in my high school cafeteria was yelling B.S., and it had to do with one second basemen, not the food. 
Now that I've had a little time, however, I really like the signing...or lack thereof. 
Seattle is foolish for making this deal, and I don't just say that because I'm a Yankee fan. With the exception of Alex Rodriguez from 2008-2010, when have these big contracts to older players worked? Most of the time, they end up being wastes of money - for the team, that is. The player takes it, says meh, and gets to savor it. I think I see Albert Pujols, Josh Hamilton, and Vernon Wells all nodding. 
 Loyal reader Mike from Mount Kisco had a good point when he said that teams are putting way too much value in a player being good in their 40s. Position players being competent in their 40s is rare now - unheard of, even. That's the result of how the schedule works, more pressure on them, and in the case of some, them no longer using performance-enhancing drugs. 
From the get go, Cano and his team wanted 300 million. The Yankees wouldn't bite, so Seattle took the shot and it went in. Great job by Jay-Z to get his client the money - later on, I'll explore if he's proven he can be a good agent - and Seattle will very much regret this deal. If I had an option between a second basemen whose numbers were boosted by playing in New York for 240 million, or two players who would better suit the team for a combined around 236-238 million, I'm taking Ellsbury and McCann, no doubt. 
It also shows that the Yankees philosophy may be changing. In the past, we've seen them dish out so much money to players who don't deserve it. Instead, they waited it out, did what they thought was best, and it appears they made the right choice. This was a very strong job by Brian Cashman and the Yankees front office to not give into Cano's demands and instead hold firm.
Is Kelly Johnson the Yankees starting second basemen? No...I think a trade will happen, especially with several pieces the Yankees can trade away (Ichiro, Gardner, Nunez); maybe we'll see Daniel Murphy in the Bronx??? 
 A new era is starting in the Bronx, and it sure appears that it's off to a good start. We may not have the best position player on the market, but things are looking up for the Bronx Bombers. You know what? The future is bright, as is the marker of the Cano Sucks signs both in the Bronx and Seattle. 
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