By JCCnotions1
Oct. 26, 2016

Public opinion of the recent Minor league baseball contract offered to Tim Tebow has taken two forms: one of hatred, distaste, and resentment, while the other is of approval, endorsement, and acceptance.

After a 12 year hiatus from competitive high school baseball, Tebow held his own pro scout showcase looking to pursue a childhood dream. He then signed with the Mets with a signing bonus of 100k, and is now posting a humble .083 batting average out of the Arizona Fall League. Tebow’s minor league jersey became the top selling jersey on the first day of availability. Although you typically never see a rookie’s jersey up for sale, a “bridge agreement” was reached with Majestic, the jersey supplier, and the organization.

Baseball minds and public opinion alike see this and shake their heads in disgust. One of the scouts after reviewing Tebow’s showcase said that, “it was like watching an actor try and play baseball”. Sport analyst for the Wall Street Journal Michael Salfino tweeted, “Tebow is just like Bo Jackson if Bo Jackson was terrible at all his sport”. It is very hard to run into someone in the baseball world who does not have an opinion on this good or bad.

ESPN journalists Stephen A. Smith and Max Kellerman of “First Take” have also expressed their criticism on the matter. In the forum of an interview, both sports personalities interviewed Tim Tebow yesterday about this very issue. Stephen A. Smith asked Tebow why he is playing baseball if his chances of succeeding are extremely slim. Among the many exchanges between the two, the following encapsulates it. Tebow responded by saying, “When are dreams based on chances?”. In other words, he knows it’s a long shot and does not care, because in his heart of hearts he knows he is in the right place.

Tim Tebow is saying and doing all the right things as he always has. However in the eyes of many a few questions remain unanswered. Did the Mets truly see baseball potential… or did they see marketing potential? Was Tebow offered an opportunity solely because of his celebrity status? Whether you hate him or love him, everyone is eager to see how this all plays out.