More Transparency in the NFL Concussion Settlement

By Jeff Nixon
Jan. 02, 2018

The NFL Concussion Settlement Website has redesigned their website. Here is a link to the new Homepage:

The new layout uses Quick Link icons so you can access important features of the website with just a click. They have also added a reporting feature where you can look at three detailed PDF reports if you click the View Reports icon. They will update these reports weekly.

Here is the most recent update.

Settlement Program Highlights (As of 12/27/2017 )

Registered for Settlement: 20,389 Class Members

Claim Packages: 1,557 Received

Payable Monetary: 206 Awards

Payable Monetary: $260,112,700 Award Amounts

BAP Appointments: 4,021 Scheduled

BAP Appointments: 1,608 Attended

The reports are very detailed and provide the type of information that former players have been asking for over the past few months.

The Claims process began on March 23, 2017, so we are just 9 months into the 65 year Settlement Agreement that has already issued over $260 million in monetary awards. That figure reflects the Monetary Award totals prior to any application of holdbacks for potential Derivative Claimants, common benefit fees, liens and determinations on appeals.

Please note that the NFL has appealed only 24 of the Monetary Award decisions. So far, only one (1) result has been overturned on appeal. Four (4) Monetary Award decisions have been upheld.

Of the 1,961 Claims that have been filed, 1,364 were filed by lawyers representing players, and 597 were filed by former players representing themselves (pro se).

The Claims Administrator has issued notices requesting additional documentation. They are still waiting for additional information on 762 claims that have been filed. They will need that information before they can make final determinations.

We’ve come a long way since the NFL Concussion Settlement was originally proposed back in 2013. Although only 206 players have received awards as of December 27, 2017, there are still over a thousand claims that are still being reviewed and processed. Determinations on those claims should be made within the next few months.

A lot of players still need to be assessed and diagnosed, but it looks like the Settlement is making progress in getting players compensated.

I hope the New Year brings many more of my alumni brothers rich rewards……and awards!