Cool Joe?

By Jerome Coleman
Nov. 10, 2016


Where does Joe Flacco rank among the Elite quarterbacks? He certainly isn't on Brady's level but also not on a Jay Cutler level. No Joe Flacco falls somewhere in the middle. A Superbowl winning quarterback who still isn't and may never be considered elite. The truth hurts. The unfortunate truth for Ravens fans is that Joe Flacco isn't an elite quarterback. 

Yes, he's won a Superbowl. On a team inspired by a retiring Ray Lewis. Yes ,he had an incredible, almost undeliverable, playoff run that year. However the numbers and more importantly your eyes tell you he's not on the level of Tom Brady, Drew Brees, Big Ben and any other Superbowl winning quarterback in the past ten years.

Let's take a look at Joe compared to Drew Brees. Each have one Superbowl ring, however one is glaringly better than the other. Drew Brees, who currently has 21touchdown passes, hasn't thrown for under 30 TD passes in a season in this decade. Brees also has accumulated 5,000 passing yds four different times in his career. Flacco hasn't gotten over the 4,000yd mark, in a single season, yet in his career.
Even in his own division, the AFC North, he's 2nd best, although some people in Ohio might make the case for 3rd best. Again I'll compare him to another superbowl winner, Ben Roethlisberger. Big Ben's numbers aren't as flashy as Drew Brees but you're eyes tell you he's one of the top QB'S in the league. Look at his back to back 6 TD prefomance in 2014 against the Colts and Joe Flaccos Ravens. Flacco currently has ONLY SIX touchdowns this season threw 8 games. Ben is a baller who can keep plays alive with his legs and ignite the team and crowd. Joe Flacco has a big arm and can connect on big pass plays but is a statue in the pocket.

Joe Flacco compare to Tom Brady, GET REAL! I'm not going to waste my time or your time with that. Joe isn't even in Tom's league and any Ravens fan(any fans for that matter) that disagrees is just flat out delusional.
Despite not being an elite quarterback Joe Flacco is still better than most. His team is tied for first in the divison (4-4)and can't afford to fall victim to a classic trap game. Misery loves company and the Browns would love to start wrecking teams seasons. Joe has a chance to shine in a primetime spot on Thursday night football against an 0-9 Browns team. He may never be considered elite but he's shown he can get the job done, Ravens fans have a QB they can live with.