Despite free agent pick ups Redskins still look to improvethe defense.

By Jerome Coleman
Apr. 09, 2017

The Washington Redskins have had an unusual offseason. Power control drama and QB drama have some fans in a panic. However I think this has been a good offseason in disguise. Picked up free agents DJ Swearinger and Zach Brown who will both impact the Defense as day one starters. Yes, the Dline still needs to be improved greatly losing Chris Baker and replacing him with the likes of Stacy McGee and Terrelle McClain doesn't cut it. But that's what's the draft for.

At first I thought Washington had a lot of different ways to go. Maybe a QB since Kirk Cousin's future in Washington looks dim past the 2017 season and even tho coach Gruden loves Robert "Fat rob" Kelley he isn't an every down back. Certainly with this class of RB you have to take a hard look at a Dalvin Cook or Christian McCaffrey who could fall to number 17. Before signing Brown and Swearinger ILB and S were just as glaring a problem as the defensive line. Those two players are more than solid but in a division with Zeek the freak(Ezekiel Elliott) you need a strong push from your Dline. The redskins didn't seem to want to pay any of the big name free agent Dline men that were available. Which leads me to belive they have had thier eye on someone in the draft all along.

Who? Glad you asked. I don't belive Johnathan Allen will fall to number 17 or he'd be a no brainer. Other interior line man such as, Caleb Brantley, Malik McDowell or Chris Wormley I don't view as mid first round picks. The way I see it if Dalvin Cook falls to the middle of the round like many experts have predicted the Redskins could have a day one steal on draft night. Even if Cook isn't there at pick 17 McDowell and Brantley would be solid additions to the team even if they're picked up too early. With the 17th pick it's going to be hard for Washington to draft for team need over best player available.

If they go team need they will certainly be passing up on a better player than McDowell and Brantley. If they go best available they'd be gambling that they can find a starting defensive tackle in a later round. I say draft a Hasson Reddick or Jabrill Peppers and find late round defensive tackle. Chances are the Redskins haven't fallen in love with any defensive tackle in this draft enough to draft them in the first round. The interior defensive line may not get addressed fully this off season while other positions get overhauled.

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