MNF recap

By Jerome Coleman
Nov. 15, 2016


Ed Mulholland-USA TODAY Sports
The New York Giants just won a big primetime game to improve to 6-3. Some are saying they're poised to make a run at the playoffs. Others are still questioning the legitimacy of the offense. Eli Manning threw for 3TD and completed 64% of his passes and on paper that sounds wonderful. Anyone watching the game however knows that Eli could've easily coast them that game with his 2 costly INT's.

The first one set up a Bengals FG that gave them the lead but Eli lead the Giants back down the field in 3min and tossed a TD pass to OBJ. Beckham Jr killed the MJ Thriller dance btw but I digress. After throwing his 3rd touchdown pass, this one to Sterling Shepard, to take the lead, 21-20 the defense got the ball back on a Landon Collins INT. Giants fans everywhere thought for sure they'd run time of the clock and maybe get a FG or TD to put the game away. WRONG. Eli pulled an Eli and gave the ball right back to the Bengals ON THE VERY NEXT PLAY. Manning threw an under thrown pass into double coverage, that's the kind of play that loses games. Thankfully for Giants fans all the money they spent on the defense in the offseason paid off last night.

On the other side of the field the Bengals failed to take advantage of Eli's mistakes. After the first INT, by Dre Kirkpatrick, they had a three and out gaining zero yards on one completion. Luckily they were already in FG range. They didn't do much better after the 2nd one either, they followed it up with another three and out. The Bengals needed to take advantage of these mistakes if they wanna win big games on the road. That's been the story with Cincinnati for about a decade now. Who's more to blame Dalton or Coach Marvin Lewis? That's a tuff question because Dalton doesn't seem to have that fire needed at the QB postion to win big games but how long does Marvin Lewis have to take the next step with this team?