Despite record on penalties called, the Oakland Raiders managed to just win baby!

By Bazooka Teaches
Oct. 31, 2016

The Oakland Raiders broke a staggering record on Sunday when they defeated the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. This record was not a good note for the Silver and Black as they have been known to place in the top ten mostly every season for the last many years with this terrible stat. Yes, the Raiders committed a boat-load of fouls again and, this time, they broke a record.

The total count was 23 penalties, which is considered as the most a team has received in one game in the history of the NFL. Of course, a lot has to do with the discretion of the refs, but, that is the luck of the Raiders, right? Sure!

Anyway, after committing such a sin as getting 23 penalties called against the team, which also cost the Raiders 200 yards in penalties, the Silver and Black prevailed over the Bucs and won. Yes, they won! The final score was 30-24 and it was also done in overtime. The boat-load of penalties called against the team is nothing to be proud of, but, one thing is. The fact that they overcame their own mistakes or their own demons, the Raiders found a way to win. Just like the good old saying: Just win baby!

Basically, the saying that all Raiders’ say during a game, Just win baby!, is just a universal cast to help the team win in any which way. It is not an insinuation to cheat nor is it an evil voodoo chant of some sort. It is basically a way of sending out good vibes to fight against the bad ones. This Sunday against the Bucs, the Raiders did it and won! Oh yeah, Derek Carr was basically way amazing! So, one more time for good old times sake: Just win baby!

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