Oakland Raiders: Defense makes improvements but Titans' mistakes help with victory

By Bazooka Teaches
Sep. 25, 2016

The defense for the Oakland Raiders did their job right against the Tennessee Titans on Sunday afternoon. Still, some work needs to be done in the defense department, because the match on Sunday against Tennessee could have gone wrong for the Silver and Black.

The Titans did shoot themselves in the foot when it came to the final moments, but the Raiders’ defense was able to hold the opponent to only scoring 10 points. At the end of the match, the Raiders won 17-10 and ended up with a 2-1 record in Week 3 of the 2016 NFL season.

When looking at the numbers, the defense still needs work. The Oakland defense allowed 212 yards in passing and 181 in rushing. The Titans were always finding a way to make the Raiders suffer when it came down to the defense. However, the Silver and Black managed to get a sack and two interceptions that made a difference in the game.

Another good stat for the Oakland defense was the fact that they stopped the Titans twice out of three in the red zone. One of these stops included the very last play that was supposed to be a touchdown pass for a tie. The Raiders’ defense prevailed as the last pass by Marcus Mariota to Harry Douglas did not happen, sailing overhead.

Mistakes by Titans

The Titans did manage to screw things up for themselves in their final drive. For one, Taylor Lewan of the Titans was flagged for unnecessary roughness, which pushed the Titans back to the 18-yard line from the three. It was a very dumb penalty made by the offensive tackle, as it really did cost his team.

The other mistake was when wide receiver Andre Johnson scored a touchdown, but was called for passing interference. The push-off was very clear, so the call by the officials was a righteous call. The penalty, however, put the Titans in a 3rd-and-15 situation, which led to two more plays. The last play was a fourth down play in Mariota’s intended pass to Douglas which sailed away.

In the end, the Oakland Raiders looked good with only allowing 10 points. However, there were circumstances in which the opposing team, the Titans, helped out with their mistakes as well. Overall, the Raiders have fixed a few problems defensively, but more work needs to be done.