The Oakland Raiders ready to invade Mexico

By Bazooka Teaches
Nov. 19, 2016

The Oakland Raiders are ready to pillage Mexico City. That’s right! The Raider Nation is going south of the border and should prevail against the Houston Texans. See, Raiders’ fans come from many different backgrounds and will invade Mexico Monday night when they face the Texans in a battle that will be tough.

The Raider Nation is not made up of thugs like everyone thinks. The Silver and Black Nation is made up of loyal fans that come from all over the globe. Yes, the globe! Anyway, in Mexico, the Raiders will be favored by the Mexican people because the Texans are simply named the Texans!

Everyone knows that the Texans fought a hard battle at the Alamo against Mexico back in the 1800s. Now, the Texans visit Mexico and will be the intruders. Guess what? The Oakland Raiders will be there to show that the only true raiders are the Raiders! So, the Silver and Black is going to play for reputation and will defend it to the fullest.

One thing that the Raiders can count on is the fact that the Raider Nation will be there for full support. This time the Texans will be getting kicked out of a territory where they don’t belong. Sorry, but the Raiders are the only ones that are allowed to Raid.

The Silver and Black raids in a good way though. See, the Silver and Black raid and bring pride and compassion for the sport called football. That’s right! Mexico will see this pride and love for a sport that is quite unique and very enticing. It will be a cool show for the Mexican people.

Again, the Oakland Raiders will have it tough against the Houston Texans, who happen to have a good team. However, the forces of the universe will decide who the victor will be. Still, the Raiders and the Raider Nation will be there to pillage, in a good way, and show the Mexican people how to play football and love a team.

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