The Drive for 5

By Justin Miller
Feb. 02, 2017

It is officially that time of the year again you know the week of the Super Bowl. One team will be raising the Lombardi trophy high up in the air on Sunday night. Super Bowl week is not a new thing for the New England Patriots as they’re making a record 9th Super Bowl appearance. This is truly unbelievable but the part that is even more crazy is that it will be the 7th Super Bowl appearance that Tom Brady and Bill Belichick will be making. Meanwhile this will only be the 2nd Super Bowl appearance that the Atlanta Falcons are making. Do not let that fool you though because this Atlanta Falcons team is for real. They have gotten red hot at the perfect time and this could be one of the best offenses that the Patriots have faced in a Super Bowl. It will be future Hall of Famer Tom Brady going up against Matt Ryan the former Boston College standout and most likely this year’s MVP.

The thing that should scare Patriots fans the most is obviously this Falcons offense. The Patriots will be going up against the best quarterback that they have faced all year and one of the best receivers in the NFL in the former Alabama star Julio Jones. Besides those two their whole offense is well-rounded. The Patriots will obviously be looking to shut down Jones first but even if they do shut him down Matt Ryan has plenty of other options. Mohamed Sanu the former Bengal is more than capable of having an amazing game. The player that many have been overlooking the most is receiver Taylor Gabriel. He might be the speediest of the bunch and he will need to play a huge factor in this game especially if the Patriots shut down the top 2 weapons. Not only do these Falcons have great receivers but they have an incredible running back duo. Devonta Freeman the former Florida State superstar is the main man in the backfield. He can run at a high-speed as well as be a dangerous weapon in the passing game. The other running back Tevin Coleman is an even scarier option in the passing game when he gets the opportunity. If the offensive line is clicking then the patriots could have trouble containing this high-powered offense.

The Patriots defense has been great all year but many people are looking at the schedule and saying it was too soft and they have not faced any great offenses throughout the season. That is definitely true but do not take anything away from what this defense has accomplished especially under their great defensive coordinator Matt Patricia. In the middle of the season they traded away arguably their top defensive player in Jamie Collins. Once again like always many people questioned Bill Belichick and was wondering what was he thinking? It has worked out great for the most part as the patriots have found their new additions that they acquired midseason to work out just fine. If the Patriots defensive line and secondary play like they have played all year then they should contain this Falcons offense.

The reason why many people still think that the Patriots should come away with their fifth Super Bowl is the Falcons extremely young defense. These guys are going to have to play the best games of their lives if they want to conquer a Falcons championship for the very first time and that will all start with containing number 12 and getting as much pressure as they can on the quarterback. The best player on this young defense is Vic Beasley who is a linebacker in his 2nd year from Clemson. He is also very good on the defensive line as he led the league in sacks. Wherever the Falcons play him he does an exceptional job and he is looking to finish his 2nd year with a championship. Tom Brady is known to tear apart secondary’s and this is a secondary that is very young and if they do not play a half decent game then there is no shot the Falcons win this game. It’s all up to this defense and if they play a great game then they got a great shot to win their 1st Super Bowl.

Just like the Falcons the Patriots have an offense that is amazing. Led by Brady and a much improved offensive line this unit has got the job done without star tight end Rob Gronkowski. Martellus Bennett has been a nice offseason addition and he has helped fill in for Gronk very nicely but Chris Hogan has been the better offseason addition and he is playing his best football at the right time. Hogan has been huge in the playoffs and without him last week who knows if the Patriots would be playing in this game. Julian Edelman will need to have another great Super Bowl and continue his dominance with Brady. The running backs could play a huge factor in this game as we have seen that the Falcons defense has been vulnerable to running backs. With Blount and Lewis the Patriots will have 2 very great options to test out this Falcons defense.

I think this game comes down to whichever team plays the better defense for most of the game and whoever does will come away with Super Bowl 51. All signs point towards the Patriots since they have been here before and they know what it takes to take home the title. The 2 best quarterbacks of the season are going up against each other in what has the potential to be a classic Super Bowl. Let’s hope that Roger Goodell will be handing over that Lombardi Trophy to the Patriots for a 5th time and by early next week hopefully those duck boats start heating up.

Prediction-    NE 31 ATL 23   Super Bowl MVP- Tom Brady