Cowboys Contenders With Dak

By JRay
Oct. 17, 2016


There's no way the Dallas Cowboys can mess things up, right? Dak Prescott at this point has to be the permanent starter for  the Cowboys for the near future. At least in my lifetime, this as good as the Cowboy have ever been, and for the first time in a long while the Cowboys are actually relevant. I'm not just talking regular season relevant, but Super Bowl relevant. How do you mess that up?

(Well I know how) for the Cowboys to possess any sort of relevance happens by pure chance. During the 2016 draft, Jerry Jones was close to trading up for Paxton Lynch instead of Prescott.

When I look back on my life, I overpaid for my big successes every time," Jones said, via the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. "And when I tried to get a bargain, get it a little cheaper or get a better deal on it, I ended up usually either getting it and not happy I got it. Or missing it.

"And I probably should have overpaid here."

Jones said Friday he was still stewing about not snagging Lynch.

"I was still mad about it," Jones said. "Actually thought we had it done."

Dallas also attempted to trade up to get Connor Cook in the fourth round, before the Oakland Raiders leapt them for the quarterback's rights. Jones wasn't too disappointed about that miss.

It turned out to be a blessing in disguise that they didn't pick any of these QBs considering what Dak has become, so I believe that Romo’s days should be numbered in Dallas just for this reason. Chemistry plays a big role in quarterback changes as well, and there  has been no outreach to have Romo be there starter once he's healthy. Out of six opening offensive drives this season, Dallas has now scored in five of them, after he completed all four of his passes in the first series Sunday, culminating with a one-yard touchdown grab by receiver Cole Beasley.

With another careful and calculated showing, the rookie broke Patriots quarterback Tom Brady’s NFL record for most passing attempts without an interception to start a career. The record stood at 162, and after Prescott tossed the first pick of his career late in the third quarter, it now sits at 176 attempts to start a career without an interception.

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