Rivalry Week in College Football

By jwcaldwell2391
Jan. 01, 2017

So, it’s the big weekend in college football, rivalry weekend, we’ll finally see who will be playing in every conference championship game, with the exception that we already know it’s Alabama vs Florida, again. Michigan vs Ohio State is the big one in the talks, if Michigan wins, it’s almost clear-cut they have a seat in the playoffs, if Ohio State wins, that opens the Big 10 East doors for none other than the Penn State Nittany Lions. If PSU can then pull that one off against what looks like it will be Wisconsin, they will have a seat in the playoff and will have made history as the first, 2-loss team in the College Football Playoff. Clemson plays an in-state rivalry in Death Valley against USC who hasn’t been phenomenal this season but has been the upset team for many of their games, as it always is this should be a close one and we’ll see who plays in the ACC Championship game, it could be a rematch of last year’s UNC vs Clemson, or the up and comers Virginia Tech vs Clemson. Over in the Wild Wild West we have Pac-12 North leaders Washington and Washington State battling for a seat in their championship, and possibly the College Football Playoff, and in the P-12 South we already have Colorado who has clinched a spot in that championship. Over in the irrelevant Big XII, Oklahoma and Oklahoma State battle in Norman where the Sooners have played their best this year. The winner of this conference is still irrelevant stating that since they don’t have a conference champion, nor are they ahead of any other #4 spot contenders, it doesn’t exactly matter who wins this game for the Playoff. This weekend should make for good TV, and even better football, and all I have to say is… If Penn State can go to the College Football Playoff, I will have called it since they were #12, and nobody thought there was even a slight chance they’d be in the talks right now.