Best College Football Team Part 5 : 1901 Michigan tries to Break into the League

By kcity101us
Dec. 01, 2017

Up to this point, every new team besides Harvard, Princeton, and Yale have been eliminated in their inaugural season. This is because this is a double elimination tournament and for every year and team survives, they are allowed another loss since they have been playing longer. Back in the beginning, the season only consisted of two or three games. With this fact, teams began to stockpile themselves and became entrenched into the tournament.

Now it was time for 1901 Michigan to try to survive the challenges of the league. Since there were far more Princeton and Yale teams, the random draw would place these two against each other leaving Harvard to play "the new teams." This was true for week 1 where 1901 Michigan'state first game was against #20 1898 Harvard. There was not any real world information for this game. Michigan won 27-25 and they were off to a good start.

Game 2 for the Wolverines was against #44 1875 Harvard. There was real world information for this game when on 10-31-1881, Harvard won 1-0 (back when it was possible to score one point), so this was factored into the formula. Michigan crushed Harvard 33-4 to go to 2-0.

Game 3, the Wolverines were pitted against the #7 1890 Harvard, the best Harvard team in the tournament. There was not any real world information for this game. Michigan won 24-10 and now the league knew they were a serious threat. Game 4 was against #44 1875 Harvard and the Wolverines again prevailed 25-8 to go to 4-0.

Game 5 for Michigan had a surprising twist to it. The random draw picked 1901 Michigan to play #5 1891 Yale. This was a power check for the new team. There was not any real world information for this game. Michigan pulled the game out winning 21-17 clinching them to make it to 1902 since there were only six games in this season. Game 6 Michigan finished strong beating #21 1899 Harvard 19-11 to finish at 6-0. They had started at #22 and finished the Season at #6. The league now new this team had bite and was ready to pounce at any given moment.

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