Best Gold Cup Soccer Team Part 8 : Bravo-Charlie Challenge for Foxtrot Champ.

By kcity101us
Jul. 29, 2015

     In Part 7, 1991 USA shocked and surprised 1991 Mexico (and everyone else for that matter), by beating them twice to win the Echo Title. This also broke Team Mexico's 20 game winning streak and four-peat on Championship wins. Group Charlie had started with eight teams, so at the end of the Echo Tournament, four teams were "booted" to form Delta Group. Since 1991 USA was 0-6 entering this season, they finished with a 5-7 record and was among the four teams to get "booted." The other three that were "booted" with them were : 1998 USA (0-2), 1989 USA (1-4), and 1993 Jamaica (0-4). Before they were allowed back into action, Charlie Group was going to Challenge Bravo Group. The match ups for the Foxtrot Tournament were : 4C 1989 Trinidad and Tobago vs. 4B 1993 USA, 3C 1985 Honduras vs. 1985 Canada, 2C 2000 Canada vs. 2B 1996 Brazil, and 1B 1991 Honduras vs. 1C 1991 Mexico. This tournament would continue in March of 2000, and games would still be played in Los Angeles, San Diego, and Miami. The odds on favorite was 1991 Mexico, but some would not be surprised to see 2000 Canada break through.

     The first two games took place on 3-12-2000 at the Orange Bowl in Miami. Game 1 was 1989 Trinidad and Tobago vs. 1993 USA. In a challenge, it is single elimination until there are only teams remaining from one group, and then it becomes double elimination. There was real world data for this game ; on 6-29-1991, USA beat TNT 2-1 so this score was factored into the formula. 1993 USA won 1-0 for their 1st win ever, Bravo now led Charlie 1-0, and 1989 TNT was now hoping the rest of the group would pull them past Bravo. Game 2 took place 30 minutes after Game 1 and was at the same location. This game featured 1985 Honduras and 1985 Canada. There was also real world data for this game because on 9-14-1985, Canada beat Honduras 2-1 so this game was used to determine the final score. 1985 Canada also won in this scenario by a score of 2-1, Bravo now lead 2-0, and 1985 Honduras had to cheer for 2000 Canada and 1991 Mexico.

March 12, 2000 was a good day for Team USA as they beat Trinidad and Tobago 1-0 in the First Round of the Bravo-Charlie Challenge in the Orange Bowl. This was 1993 USA's first win in this scenario.

     Games 3 and 4 were played on 3-14-2000 and shifted over to the West Coast and were played in San Diego. Game 3 was between 2000 Canada and 1996 Brazil. There was also real world data for this game also ; on 1-12-1996, Brazil defeated Canada 4-1, so this score was utilized. 1996 Brazil won 3-1, Bravo was now up 3-1, and suddenly it was up to 1991 Mexico to beat all four Bravo opponents to pull Charlie Group past Bravo. Game 4 was played 30 minutes after Game 3 and this game also took place in San Diego between 1991 Honduras and 1991 Mexico. This was the first game in this tournament that did not have real world data, so only Offensive and Defensive parameters were used. 1991 Mexico had plans of their own as they beat 1991 Honduras 3-1making it 3-1 Bravo, however, 1991 Mexico would have to win three straight against 1993 USA, 1985 Canada, and 1996 Brazil. Many thought Mexico would beat the USA and Canada, but have a hard time against Brazil.

Could 1991 Mexico win four straight to become the Foxtrot Champions? They beat 1991 Honduras and had three to go.

     Game 5 was the next day, 3-15-200 and was also played in San Diego between 1993 USA and 1991 Mexico. There was not any more real world data for this match up. 1991 Mexico won 2-1 and now 1991 Mexico has a date with 1985 Canada on 3-19-2000 in Miami, Florida. There was not any more real world data for this match up. These two teams were tied 0-0, so extra time was needed to determine a winner. The teams would play for an extra 30 minutes. At the 8:23 mark, Gonzalo Farfan of Mexico scored from inside the goalie box, receiving a perfect pass from himself, he looped it over the last defender then blasted it into the back right corner to put Mexico up 1-0. They made it to the 15:00 minute break and Mexico came up even stronger. At the 19:30 mark, Carlos Hermosillo launched a 20 yard shot from the right that hooked into the left corner and the game was sealed up at 2-0. The Group series was now tied 3-3, and it came down to 1996 Brazil and 1991 Mexico. The Foxtrot Championship was played on 3-21-2000 at the Los Angeles Memorial Colosseum in California. There was not any real world data for this game. 1996 Brazil won 3-1 to take the Foxtrot Championship and would have a one-game playoff with 1991 USA for the Echo-Foxtrot Championship. Bravo won 4-3 to remain 2nd in the Group Standings, there were no upsets so no teams transferred up or down, and Group Bravo did not change so they could not challenge Group Alpha at this time.

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