Best Major League Baseball Team P45 : 1882 Chicago White Stockings vs. 1874 Boston Red Stockings for A/P Champ.

By kcity101us
Aug. 07, 2015

     In Part 44, the 1882 Chicago White Stockings defeated the 1884 Providence Grays 3 games to 1 to capture the India-Papa Championship. This set up the showdown between the 1882 Chicago White Stockings vs. 1874 Boston Red Stockings for the Alpha-Papa Championship in a best 4-of-7 and the Red Stockings won the coin flip and would have home field advantage. This is the biggest Title up to this point, it is the Champion of the first 16 teams to win a title. Coming into this series, Group Delta (White Stockings) lead Group Alpha (Red Stockings) 1-0, and since Alpha did not have a record against Echo or Foxtrot Group (currently scheduled for a challenge for 3rd and 4th Place because Delta overtook Echo 3-2 ('82 White Stockings beating '84 Grays 3-1, and currently have a 3-2 lead.

      The game was played on 6-1-1886 and the game started at 12:05 P.M. Data for this game was drawn from 7-6-1874 when the Red Stockings won 12-6, so this score was added into the formula. Al Spalding came in to pitch for the Red Stockings. Silver Flint got things started for the White Stockings by hitting an infield single to the shortstop. Ned Williamson laid down a sacrifice bunt to the left side of the mound and Flint reached 2nd. Al Spalding uncorked a wild pitch and Silver Flint reached 3rd. George Gore flew out to right center field and Cal McVey's throw goes straight to home, but Silver Flint managed to avoid the tag and the White Stockings led 1-0. Cap Anson flew out and the inning was over, so it was the Red Stockings turn at the plate. Larry Corcoran came in to pitch for the White Stockings. Jim O'Rourke grounded it through the hole to left field for a single. On the next pitch, O'Rourke stole 2nd. Harry Schafer grounded out to 1st base. Tom Burn's, the White Stockings shortstop, booted a routine grounder and George Wright reached on the error to put runners on the corners. Four pitches later, George Wright is nailed stealing 2nd. Andy Leonard smoked a line drive single to left center field and O'Rourke tied the score by coming home just as a light rain began to fall. George Hall grounded out and the 1st inning was complete.

According to Wikipedia, "Adrian Constantine Anson (April 17, 1852 – April 14, 1922), nicknamed "Cap" (for "Captain") and "Pop", was a Major League Baseball (MLB) first baseman. Including his time in the National Association (NA), he played a record 27 consecutive seasons.[1] Anson was regarded as one of the greatest players of his era and one of the first superstars of the game.[2] Anson spent most of his career with the Chicago Cubs franchise (then known as the "White Stockings" and later the "Colts"), serving as the club's manager, first baseman and, later in his tenure, minority owner. He led the team to five National League pennants in the 1880s. Anson was one of baseball's first great hitters, and the first to tally over 3,000 career hits."

     The score and the rain remained the same until the top of the 3rd. Fred Pfeffer grounded out to 3rd base and Larry Corcoran grounded out to shortstop. Silver Flint kept his hitting streak alive by hitting a triple and Ned Williamson drew a walk. Al Spalding threw a wild pitch and Flint came in to score while Williamson scampered to 2nd ; 2-1 White Stockings. George Gore grounded out and during his at-bat, the rain really started coming down in sheets, so the umpire held his hands up and both teams went to their respective dugouts at 12:58 P.M.

     The game started again at 2:01 P.M. Jim O'Rourke dug in for the Red Stockings and earned a walk, but six pitches later, he was caught stealing 2nd. Then, Harry Schafer fouled out to 1st. George Wright hit a line drive single to right center field and then, three pitches later, successfully stole 2nd. Then Andy Leonard earned a walk. George Hall delivered with a bloop single to left center field and Wright came in to tie the score at 2-2. Cal McVey flew out and the game moved into the 4th. The White Stockings blanked in the top of the 4th. Ross Barnes got things started with the Red Stockings earning a walk. Three pitches later, he stole 2nd and Silver Flint's throw sailed into center field and suddenly, Barnes was on third. The next two batters for Boston were outs, but Jim O'Rourke hit a fly ball single to Left Field and Ross Barnes came home to give the Red Stockings a 3-2 lead. Three pitches later, Jim O'Rourke stole 2nd. Harry Schafer hit a fly ball single to left field and O'Rourke came home to double the lead to 4-2. Jim O'Rourke tried stealing 2nd, but was caught and the inning was over.

According to Wikipedia, "Frank Sylvester "Silver" Flint (August 3, 1855 – January 14, 1892) was a catcher in Major League Baseball. He began his career at age 19 with the St. Louis Red Stockings of the National Association, and he played one year for the Indianapolis Blues before joining the Chicago White Stockings in 1879, where he would remain for the rest of his playing career, eleven seasons almost exclusively as a catcher. In his first season with the White Stockings, Flint and Cap Anson split duties piloting the team, which finished 5–12 under Flint and 41–21 under Anson. That was Flint's only opportunity as field manager. He was also known as a drinker, and in 1892, he died in Chicago at age 36."

     The White Stockings blanked again in the top of the 5th. In the bottom of the 5th, George Wright drew a walk, but Andy Leonard lined out to 2nd Base. Two pitches later, Wright stole 2nd, George Hall hit a line drive single to right field and Wright scored for a 5-2 lead. Boston could not keep the carousel running and the 5th was over. In the top of the 6th, George Gore grounded out to 3rd, but Cap Anson hit a line drive single to center field. On the next pitch, Cap Anson stole 2nd and then King Kelly drew a walk. Abner Dalrymple flew out. Tom Burns grounded it through the hole for a single bringing in Anson, and the White Stockings were mounting a comeback down 5-3. Fred Pfeffer hit a "Texas League" single bringing in Kelly and the White Stockings were closing in on Boston, now down 5-4. The White Stockings could not tie the game and the game went into the bottom of the 6th. For the Red Stockings, it appeared that their 2nd wave showed up as they scored six runs after the White Stockings had climbed back into contention and went on to win 11-8 to take a 1-0 lead in the best four-of-seven, and the Red Stockings win tied Alpha with Delta for 1st Place in the Group Standings. George Hall drove in four runs and was named the "Player of the Game."