Best Pro Baseball Team P2 : The 1888 Season

By kcity101us
Jul. 22, 2017

The 1888 Season was the inaugural season for Golf Group. The two new teams were the 1888 New York Giants for winning the National League and the 1888 St. Louis Browns for winning the American Association. They were joined by seven other teams to start the double elimination tournament.

Game 1 started the tournament on a random draw and the two teams were the 1872 Brooklyn Atlantics and the 1888 New York Giants. There was not any real worldinformation for this game because they did not play at the same time. After 9 innings, the score was tied 8-8 so the game went into extra innings. In the bottom of the 10th, the Giants hit a three run homer to win the game 11-8.

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports
Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

Game 9 was a battle between the 1877 Boston Red Stockings and the 1882 Cincinnati Red Stockings. There was no real world information for this game because they played in two different leagues. In an uncharacteristically turn of events, this game had a low final score for this period of time. The Red Stockings of Cincinnati won 4-2. Boston fell to 2-1 and Cincinnati went to 3-0.

Game 16 was the Championship game and the two that rose to the top were, ironically, were the 1882 Cincinnati Red Stockings and the 1877 Boston Red Stockings. Cincinnati again won this game 10-4 and the Red Stockings were now the Alpha-2 champions. Next would be the Bravo-Golf Challenge would be next for the 1888 Season.

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