Best Pro Baseball Team P4 : The Bravo-Golf Challenge Reaches the End

By kcity101us
Aug. 07, 2017

In Article 3, the Bravo-Golf Challenge had begun and now it was reaching it'seems end. It was Golf'swing last Stand as they were the lone team left. Game 15 was between 1G 1882 Cincinnati Red Stockings and the 9B 1879 Providence Grays. The red hot Grays won 13-4 and Bravo won the series 9-6.

There was three teams left and two of them were the Philadelphia A's so Providence would have to win four games since when it comes down to one group, the tournament becomes double elimination. Game 1 was played on 5-10-1888 and was the 3B 1872 Philadelphia A's and the 9B Providence Grays. This game was not even close as Philadelphia won 16-5.

Providence was already on the ropes being 0-1 and they had to go on the road to play the 5B 1875 Philadelphia A's. There was not any real world information for this game and Philadelphia won 11-7. Providence was out and the best A's team claimed the Bravo-2 Championship. Now for the Alpha-2/Bravo-2 Championship it was the Golf Group 1882 Cincinnati Red Stockings at the 1872 Philadelphia A's in a one game playoff.

The Red Stockings won a slugfest 16-15 and now the scene shifted to the Yankee/Bravo-2 Championship which featured the 1884 Providence Grays from 1st Place Echo Group and the 1882 Cincinnati Red Stockings of Golf in a best two-of-three. It was an even match so any outcome was very possible.

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