Best Pro Baseball Team P7 : Charlie-2 Championship Decided

By kcity101us
Aug. 27, 2017

In Article 6, the Final 4 of the Charlie-2 Championship had been determined. These teams were the 7D 1884 Boston Beaneaters, the 5B 1887 St. Louis Browns, the 3F 1874 Philadelphia A's, and the 1B 1882 Chicago White Stockings.

The game between the 1887 St. Louis Browns and the 1884 Boston Beaneaters had no real world information because they played in two different leagues. The Browns won 14-8 and we're in the finals.

There was real world information for the game between the 1B 1882 Chicago White Stockings and the 3F 1874 Philadelphia A's when on 7-27-1875, the A's won 11-7 so this was factored into the formula. After 9 innings, the two were tied 11-11. After 10 innings, the White Stockings won 13-11 and overcame the deficit. There were two teams from Bravo that made it to the Championship so it became a best two-of-three.

There was not any real world information for the Charlie-2 Championship because the games from the 1885 and 1886 World Series games had all been used. The 1B 1882 Chicago White Stockings won Game 1 15-14 and led 1 game to 0. The White Stockings won Game 2 15-11 to become the Charlie-2 Champions. There was no consensus first or last place group so a Round B was necessary to determine the best second through seventh place groups to be visited in Article 8.