Best Pro Baseball Team P9 : The Battle Continues in 1888

By kcity101us
Sep. 12, 2017

The 2nd through 7th groups were playing one another to determine who was the best and it was convoluted to say the least, but that's the purpose for these series of articles. Game 17 was between the 4F 1883 Philadelphia A's and the 4G 1877 St. Louis Browns. The A's won the game 10-6 and now 3rd place Foxtrot led 7th place Golf, but trailed 6th place Bravo 3-0.

Game 20 was between the 3C 1878 Boston Red Stockings and the 3D 1885 New York Giants. There was real world information for this game when on 6-22-1883 (the next game chronologically) the Boston Red Stockings won 10-0 over the New York Giants, so this was factored into the formula. The 1885 Giants miraculously overcame the deficit and won 14-11. 5th place Delta now trailed 4th place Charlie 8-5.

This is a depiction of the New York Giants' William Ewing sliding under the tag of Silver Flint of the Chicago White Stockings.

Game 26 was between 1C 1878 Providence Grays and the 1B 1882 Chicago White Stockings. There was real world information for this game when on 7-6-1878, the White Stockings won 16-4. Adding in the necessary data, the 1882 Chicago White Stockings beat the 1878 Providence Grays 20-9. Charlie and Bravo were now tied 3-3.

Game 27 was the last game of Round 1 and was played on 7-25-1888. This game featured the 1E 1872 New York Mutuals and the 1F 1874 Philadelphia A's. There was real world information for this game when on 6-8-1872, the A's won 19-0. The Mutuals made it a lot closer but still lost 13-11. Foxtrot now trailed Echo 47-44, but lead Charlie 4-3. The teams remaining looked toward the new schedule determined randomly and by seed.


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