Best Pro Baseball Team Part 37

By kcity101us
Sep. 12, 2016

​     In part 36, the ADEF Challenge continued, and was working it's way through the 1st Round of games, and was part 5 because no one could get a winning record against the iother three groups. Up to this point, Alpha led Echo 17-15, led Delta 13-12, and led Foxtrot 15-13, so all they had to do was maintain their leads on all of them and they would reclaim their #1 position. The 7D 1883 Philadelphia A's defeated the 7A 1876 Chicago White Stockings 13-11, so Alpha and Delta were now tied 13-13.

     Game 10 was played on 7-13-1887 and was between the 6E 1874 Philadelphia A's and the 7F 1872 Brooklyn Atlantics.  There was real world information for this game when on 6-15-1872, the A's won 11-1. The Atlantics made it closer, but Philadelphia still won 12-9. Echo and Foxtrot were now tied 37-37, trailed Alpha 17-15, and led Delta 27-24. Game 11 was also played on the 13th of July and was played between the 6F 1877 Boston Red Stockings and the 6A 1874 New York Mutuals.  There was also real world data for this game when on 6-13-1874, the Mutuals won 19-11. With this information, they also won in this scenario 13-10. Alpha now led Foxtrot 7-2, tied with Delta 13-13, and led Echo 17-15.

The New York Mutuals played in Brooklyn at the Union Grounds.

     Game 12 did not have any real world information and was between the 5A 1874 Boston Red Stockings and the 5E 1885 St. Louis Browns.  Boston won 11-3.  Alpha now led Echo 18-15, led Foxtrot 7-2, and was tied with Delta 13-13. Game 13 was played on 7-15-1887 between the 6D 1883 Boston Beaneaters and the 1883 Chicago White Stockings and there was real world information for this game when on 6-14-1883, the Beaneaters won 4-1. The White Stockings overcame the deficit and won in this scenario 12-11. Foxtrot trailed Alpha 7-2, tied with Echo 37-37, and trails Delta 21-12.

     Game 14 was played on 7-16-1887 and was between 4F 1884 Boston Beaneaters and the 5D 1882 Providence Grays. The next game on the list for these two was a game played on 7-18-1882 when the Boston Beaneaters won 9-7. The 1882 Grays turned the tables and overcame the deficit to win 12-8. Providence improved their seed rating to +11 and Boston fell to -4. (More on seed ratings later after the Challenge is complete). Delta now led Foxtrot 22-12, we're tied with Alpha 13-13, and trailed Echo 27-24. At this point, Alpha was closest to winning the Challenge.