Best Pro Basketball Team P4 : Delta Season Fills Out with Eleven

By kcity101us
Jan. 21, 2018

Three teams were added after the Charlie Season for various reasons according to the formula. These three teams were the 1950 Rochester Royals, the 1946 St. Louis Bombers, and the 1947 Philadelphia Warriors. Through a random draw, the first game was between the 1946 Philadelphia Warriors and the 1946 Chicago Stags. There was real world information for this game when on 1-16-1947, the Stags won 84-78, so this was added into the formula. The Warriors turned the tables and won 79-70.

Game 8 was between the 1949 Minneapolis Lakers and the 1946 New York Knicks. There was also real world information for this game when on 2-10-1949, the Lakers won 95-75. In this scenario, the Lakers won 90-73.

According to Wikipedia, the Los Angeles Lakers have the second-highest all time NBA regular season win-loss record percentage (.598) among all current NBA teams.

Game 14 was between the 1946 St. Louis Bombers and the 1948 Washington Capitols and there was real world information for this game when on 11-20-1946, the Capitols won 54-51. This did not deter the Bombers as they won 86-70.

The Delta Championship again came down to the 1946 Philadelphia Warriors and the 1949 Minneapolis Lakers which the Lakers won 97-70. The 1949 Minneapolis Lakers also won the Charlie Championship so they were automatically named the Charlie-Delta Champions. The winner of the Alpha-Bravo Championship was the 1946 Philadelphia Warriors so there was a best two-of-three series for the Alpha-Delta Championship. The 1949 Minneapolis Lakers won two games to none by the scores of 76-66 and 84-67, so there was no doubt that up to this point, the 1949 Minneapolis Lakers were the best.

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