Best Pro Hockey Team P4 : The Whiskey Season

By kcity101us
Nov. 21, 2017

In Article 3, the Victor Championship was determined and it was the 1929 Montreal Canadiens who claimed the title. Golf Group was formed and three teams were their to battle. Two of the three teams were Toronto teams. Game 1 was played on 11-12-1931 and was between the 1920 Toronto St. Patricks and the 1920 Montreal Canadiens. There was real world information for this game when on 2-5-1921, Toronto won 10-6. The Canadiens overcame the deficit and won 9-7.

Game 5 was the Championship and featured the same two teams. There was not any real world information for this game as they all had been used for the 1920-1921 Season. Montreal won again 4-2 to claim the Whiskey Championship and they were put into the Tournament of Champions bracket. Now they would wait till see who the X-Ray Championship was.

Since every group has to have four teams, two teams were added to Golf Group : the 1932 New York Rangers for winning the Championship and the 2nd Place 1930 Chicago Blackhawks because the 1931 Toronto team went 0-2 in the previous season. There was a random draw and the 1st game was between the 1932 New York Rangers and the 1931 Toronto Maple Leafs. There was real world information for this game when on 11-21-1931, the Rangers won 5-3. With this information, Toronto flipped the script and they won 5-3 in this scenario.

Game 2 was another matchups between the 1920 Montreal Canadiens and the 1920 Toronto St. Patricks. As stated before, there was no longer any real world information for this game. Montreal won this round 3-2. In Article 5, we will see how this season turns out.

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