Best Pro Hockey Team Part 9 : The Moment of

By kcity101us
Feb. 27, 2018

During the DEFBG Challenge, 1926 Boston beat the 1927 Montreal Maroons to take the Foxtrot-2 Championship. Now they had to play the 1929 Montreal Canadiens for the Echo-2/Foxtrot-2 Championship. The 1929 Montreal Canadiens won the one game playoff 4-3 to advance to the Charlie-2 Championship. The team they met was the 1920 Montreal Canadiens, and since teams from the same lineage do not play one another, the team with the best record advances. In this case, 1929 Montreal was 11-4 +17 and 1920 Montreal was 21-16 +4, so 1929 Montreal advanced.

This led into the Yankee/Foxtrot-2 Championship which again had two Canadien teams. 1919 Montreal advanced with a record of 19-11 +21. What followed was the Quebec/Foxtrot-2 Championship between the 1920 Ottawa Senators and the 1919 Montreal Canadiens in a best 4 of 7 series.

Game 1 was played on 3-28-1934 and Montreal won in a shoot out 9-7 to go up 1-0. Game 4 was played on 4-5-1935 and in another shootout ; Montreal won 11-10 and it was a rough series for the goalies. Game 5 was played 4-8-934 and, again, Montreal outlasted Ottawa 8-7 to go up 3-2. Montreal closed out Ottawa by winning Game 6 ; 7-5 and they won the series. This set up a best 5 of 9 with the same 1920 Ottawa team for the Alpha/Foxtrot-2 Championship. This was to see the winner for the first 32 Tournament of Champions slots and would decide who was the best team between 1917 and 1934.

The season changed to the 1934-35 Season, but did not have any affect on this series since they were already in the bracket of the Tournament of Champions. The shootouts continued as 1919 Montreal won Game 1 by a score of 9-8 to go up 1 game to zero. Game 4 featured 19 goals as Montreal won 12-7 to tie the series at two games apiece. The pivotal game of the series was Game 5 which was tied 6-6 at the end of regulation. Ottawa won 7-6 and went up 3 games to 2. Ottawa went on to win the series 5 games to 3 and were the Kings of the Tournament of Champions. They were also the first team in the first group with a record of 28-13 +45, so there was no doubt they were the best team up to this point.

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