Is Logan Thomas a Franchise QB?

By Kyle Williams
Sep. 08, 2014

Unlike most NFL draft experts, I was very high on Logan Thomas coming into the draft. Logan has the talent to be a good NFL QB, he just needs to have a head coach who can harnass his talent. With Bruce Arians as his his head coach, Thomas has a good chance to succeed in the NFL.

In High School, Logan Thomas played QB,TE,WR, and DB. As we all know now Logan played QB in college. In college Logan was mediocre at best. The most TDs he threw for in a season was 19, but he always looked nervous in the pocket. That could be attributed to the fact he had never been a full-time QB in his life. Here's an interesting fact about the talent around Logan- in 2013 Virginia Tech receivers dropped an NCAA-worst 39 passes in 2013. So Logan wasn't throwing it to Sammy Watkins or any 5-star recruits. The average drop for an NFL receiver is 20, so that would raise Thomas's percentage form 56.5 to 61.4.

In the weeks entering the NFL draft, teams were talking about moving Logan to TE, but when the Cardinals shockingly chose him in the 4th round, it was known he was going to be an NFL QB, said that Logan has a " Powerful arm, can make all the NFL throws, quickness as a runner, and a good runner in the open field." The weakness are " Very inaccurate, bad ball security, and throws too many interceptions."Honestly, with that scouting report, I would take Thomas over Andy Dalton as a franchise QB. With NFL-level talent Logan could develop as a franchise QB, just like Dalton. When Thomas is on his game he is a very good QB, but when he is bad..... he's really bad, like Eli Manning bad. 

I feel Logan got chose by the perfect team. Not only does he have a great head coach in Bruce Arians, but he also has Larry Fitzgerald, Michael Floyd, and a promising rookie in John Brown. While I hope Thomas doesn't learn from Carson Palmer, I hope he takes this year to refine his throwing mechanics and just become an NFL QB. 

Logan has all the tools to be a good or fantastic QB, it's just him becoming wiser. The mistakes he has are in the heat of the moment when he was trying to make a fnatastic play to save VT. In the NFL he won't have to that, next year with Daryl Washington returning to an already respectable defense, he will get to relax and play his game.  

Hope you enjoyed, Kyle out, peace. 

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