Motor City Madness

By Kyle Williams
Jul. 25, 2014

Joe Dumars is the man to blame for the Pistons failures. Dumars, thought it would be a good idea back in 2009 to give Charlie Villanueva a five-year contract with the Pistons worth $35 million. Spending 5 seasons in the Motor City Charlie averaged 9.5 pints, and 3.8 rebounds. Another blunder in the Dumars era was drafting Darko Milic with the 2nd pick in the 2003 NBA draft ahead of players such as Dwayne Wade, Carmelo Anthony, and Chris Bosh. The last free agency move Dumars made was giving the majority of the Pistons cap space to sign Brandon Jennings and Josh Smith. Now the BJ signing wasn't bad, he is  getting paid roughly 8 mil per year and last year showed growth as a distributor averaging a career high 7.6 assist per game. Brandon also shot 112 times less than the 2012-2013 season. 

The other offseason move the Dumars led front office made was signing Josh Smith to a 4yr $54 million dollar contract. That in my opinion is a terrible contract, it's almost as worse as when the the Mavs gave Erick Dampier a 7yr $70 million contract. Smith will be getting 13 million each year I feel he is worth the money but, the wrong team signed him. Josh Smith thrived in Atlanta when he played PF alongside Al Horford. When Smith signed with the Detroit Pistons that meant that Greg Monroe would most likely not be returning to the team. 

If the Pistons are choosing Josh Smith over Greg Monroe..... they are making a huge mistake. Josh Smith is an undersized PF, while Greg Monroe is 6"11. Greg Monroe also has a nice post game which consist of a nice hook shot, he also is a good passer out of the post. Greg Monroe is also a great face up driver who likes to go right but then usually spin and finish with his left hand. Greg also has a soft touch, and footwork that resembles Hakeem. One area that Monroe needs to improve is his strength as he often gets pushed off the block. Josh Smith is a way better defender than Greg but he isn't as fluent offensively and has a tendency to force things offensively. 

Another skeptical move the Detroit Pistons made was signing Jodie Meeks to a 3yr $19 million deal. The Detroit Pistons need shooting to get better floor spacing but it was a bit of an overpay to give him at least 6 mil per year. Meeks averaged 15.7 points but those stats were skewed by him playing in Mike D'Antoni's injury riddled up temp offense but, he could bring a much needed shooting stroke to the Pistons. 

The Pistons had a back up PG need and they got a fine back up PG in DJ Augustin. For an undermanned Bulls team he averaged 14.9 points in 30.4 minutes played. DJ is a good creator off the dribble, he has great speed and for a PG at his height is a good finisher around the basket. 

The Pistons biggest signing of the offseason was bringing in coach Stan Van Gundy. Van Gundy is most effective when he has shooters on his team. He brought a Magic team with Dwight Howard to the finals by running a starting 5 that consisted of 1 big man in the paint, and the rest of the men on the court were shooters. Andre Drummond the up and coming big man for the Pistons is starting to get comparisons to Dwight Howard. Like Howard, Andre has a limited offensive game that consist of putback dunks, and power moves. Van Gundy can hopefully turn Andre Drummond from just a good defender and terrific rebounder to an all around threat. 

With Smith hopefully moving back to the PF position ths team can compete to try and grab that last seed in the ever improving Easter Conference. I have questions on who the Pistons will start at the 3, and 2. Their top pick Kentavious Caldwell-Pope floundered as a rookie only shooting .396% from the field but lit up Summer League averaging 27.3 points in summer league but that doesn't really mean much considering Josh Selby won Summer League MVP. 

I feel that the Pistons can contend for the 7th or 8th seed in the East. If you have any questions or comments about my article hit me up on @biasedbullsfan, and I am out peace.