Which Fit is Better For DeAndre Jordan: Clippers or Mavericks?

By Kyle Williams
May. 24, 2015

DeAndre is the most athletic center in the NBA and he knows how to use it. (Troy Taormina - USA Today Sports)
Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

After a disappointing season that saw his team-- the Clippers-- blow a 3-1  series lead, DeAndre Jordan has an important decision to make this offseason. Stay with the Clippers, or go to another team. 

Eever since the end of the Clippers' season, there have been a lot of rumors citing that Jordan had a conflict with star pg CP3. Fox Sport said that "Sources say Paul’s well-known edginess and drive ground on Jordan’s nerves for much of the year. Contributing to the problem was Paul’s view that Jordan lacked the appropriate commitment to working on his free throws, including not working enough with the Clippers shooting coach on that issue, sources said."

Now I don't really buy in to this rumor. If there has been a conflict all season, then it would have been exposed before now.  There was also a rumor that CP3 had beef with Blake Griffin, but the two have seem to reconciled. I find it silly that DeAndre Jordan would get upset over this. Jordan is a TERRIBLE free throw shooter, CP3 is just doing his job as the leader of the team to let him know that he is hurting the team with the missed free throws. I also know how much CP3 wants to win a championship, so he could have been a little edgy during the playoffs. But, there has been way worst incidents between teammates (Kobe and Shaq), so this will probably be worked over during the offseason. 

DeAndre's best bet to win a title is to stay with BG and CP3. The Clippers have one of the most talented 'Big 3's' in the NBA. The problem is the bench. You can always piece together a good bench, but it's hard to find stars like CP3 and Blake. The Hawks are in the ECF with Kent Bazemore and Mike Scott coming off the bench. You know why they are losing 2-0 in the ECF? They lack a star that can just takeover games. Heck, their two best players aren't even in the stratosphere of Blake and Chris. The Clippers are some bench players away from reclaiming their championship contending status. DeAndre can get the max from the Clippers and win a title, but the supossed "beef" with CP3 and the chance to go home to Dallas could trump a championship.

 LeBron has made it 'cool' to go home and that is the main reason DeAndre would go to Dallas. The Mavs have never attracted the 'marquee free agent'. That's great news for the Clippers, but the Mavs can offer DeAndre something that the Clippers can't; a chance to go home. DeAndre wasn't born in Dallas, but the Mavs give him the best chance to play in front of his family. The Mavs also have Michael Irvin recruitting DJ to Dallas. That celebrity influence can be a potential deal-breaker.

Relying on Monta to always give you a great performance is like expecting a pizza to taste like a 5-star meal. (Jerome Miron - USA TODAY Sports
Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

But aside from "coming home," the Mavs don't really have the edge on the Clippers in terms of being able to win a title. Going forward, the Mavs won't have 'that guy' on offense. Chandler Parsons and Monta Ellis are currently the Mavs' best offensive players. That isn't exactly Blake and CP3. To be fair, Parsons had a good season (15.7 PPG and 4.9 RPG), but he has yet proven that he can consistently create a shot for himself or others. Parsons is best served as a #3 option on a contending team. He is at his best when he can play off of guys. The other player that can be apart of the future for the Mavs is Monta Ellis. Ellis reminds me of J.R. Smith. Players who are at their best when they aren't being relied upon. Monta is a player that can score 50 points one night, then go 1-12 from the field the next. Monta will likely demand a big contract this offseason from the Mavs,-- Parsons has a big contract-- so DJ has to see that if he signs the max then there will be little flexibility on the team in terms of cap space. 

DeAndre will have a big choice to make. His stock isn't ever going to be as high, so he needs to capitalize on it. But if winning a championship is his main goal, then staying with the Clippers is the best choice. But who do you think is the best fit? Vote in the poll below and have a great day.