Who's the Next Franchise QB for the Rams

By Kyle Williams
Sep. 01, 2014

Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

The Rams got a crushing blow when they found out that their starting QB, Sam Bradford, would be out for yet another season with a torn ACL. This season is basically a throw away for the Rams, the real question now is, what do the RAMS do at QB? 

I would be more than happy for the Rams to finally give up on Sam Bradford. Bradford, had some great moments last year, but he has been a HUGE disappointment in his NFL career. 

In his senoir season, Bradford had a shoulder injury that kept him out the whole season, but the Rams still picked him #1 overall. In my opinion the pick didn't show how talented Bradford was, but more or less how bad the Rams needed a QB. Walterfootball compared Bradford to Eli Manning. " Like Eli, Bradford lack the elite arm, nut he is a superb decision-maker with great accuracy and decision-making." That was a great comparison, but Eli has actually met expectations as being a number one overall pick, while Bradford hasn't came close. When your best season is when you threw 21 TDs and 13 INTs, as the number one overall pick, you're a bust.

Now that Bradford unfortunately torn his ACL again, the Rams should look to draft a guy who will hopefully be everything Bradford wasn't. For me there are two  options for who the Rams should draft, Marcus Mariota, Winston, or Brett Hundley. 

First up is Mariota. Mariota has everything you want in a QB, mobility, strong arm, and a great decision maker. Mariota as a redshirt-sophomore threw for 31 TDs and 4 INTs. While those aren't crazy stats like Johnny Manziel, Mariota has a way better outlook. Mariota has a great arm, he also has a great poise in the pocket, and he has a nice quick release. As a runner Mariota has good vision, he knows where to run at the right times. My only gripe about Mariota is that when he rolls out of the pocket he tends to take too many unnecessary hits. In a play against Virginia last year, Mariota took a shot when he could've easily just threw the ball away. Mariota will be an elite QB in the NFL. 

Another QB that os gunning for the #1 pick is Jameis Winston. While I like Winston, but I feel last year he really benefited from having a tall WR in Kelvin Benjamin. Winston kinda hurt his draft status when he had the whole off-season mess. Winston can be an NFL QB, but he needs to get his head on straight. I know that Winston and his dad said he will stay at FSU until graduation, I believe Winston won't be able to say no to the allure of the NFL. Winston has good mobility, good arm, he just needs to work on his feet. Winston most times than not works out of the shotgun formation, so he does not have  experience doing a classic three-step drop. I could see Winston being in the Big Ben type of mold. 

The last of the "Big Three" for QBs is Brett Hundley. Hundley made tremendous leaps as a passer last year. Hundley may have had less TDs last year, but he improved in making more NFL type throws when I was able to watch him. Hundely last season started to use his speed smarter than his freshman year. My only concern with Hundley is his accuracy issues. Hundley, when I watched him play would often stare down one receiver. 

All of these QBs would be find choices for the Rams. If the Rams draft one of these 3 QBs hopefully they turn out to be more Kurt Warner than Sam Bradford.