Why Isn't Carmelo Being Mellow?

By Kyle Williams
Dec. 10, 2014

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

After a offseason full of drama, Carmelo has had a rougher than expected start to the 2014 NBA season. 

As you all may know, Carmelo had a decision to make in the offseason, Bulls or Knicks. I labeled the decision Money vs Title Contender. Carmelo ultimately went with the money, choosing to accept the max contract from the Knicks. While Carmelo knew that the season would be rough, he probably didn't expect to competing with the 76ers for the worst record in the NBA. While he most likely didn't expect the Knicks to be bad, mostly every knowledgeable Basketball fan's mind knew that this was going to be a bad year for the Knicks. Heck, even a six-year-old with a copy of NBA 2K could have looked at the roster and see how bad the team is. The team's record is 50% the team and 50% Carmelo. 

The Knicks had to adjust to the Triangle Offense even though they do not have the personnel to run it. Their only player that would fit the mold of the triangle offense is Jose Calderon because of his ability to hit the 3. At the beginning of the season Melo hurt his back early on in the season and it was affecting his lift on his jumper, rebounding ability, and defense. Carmelo in my opinion, is a glorified "chucker". When he's on, he will just completely destroy defenses. When Carmelo is off. he'll continue to take shots like he has the hot hand. I've seen games in which Carmelo will take a shot, miss, get the rebound, and then without even passing the ball. Carmelo has also been statistically having one of the worst seasons in his career. While you can blame his statistical decline on the fact that he's in the Triangle Offense, it's also because that he isn't trusting his teammates like he has in the past. Carmelo this season has only passed the ball when he was forced to. 

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Carmelo's frustrations have boiled over with his teammates also. Most recently, Tim Hardaway Jr. The Incident began when Tim yelled at Anthony " Get the rebound," then Anthony yelled an expletive at Tim to ask Carmelo who he was talking to. Other sources would say that Anthony threatened to beat up Tim after the game. Hardaway also didn't like the favoritism that Anthony got under Mike Woodsoon. 

According to BleacherReport, Anthony isn't the only one who is fed up with Carmelo Anthony. "Several Knicks, in addition to Hardaway, are at odds with Anthony and believe he's not playing team basketball." Shocking, who knew Carmelo wasn't a team basketball player? The majority of the Knicks players are players who cannot play defense. And if they play defense, then they aren't good offensive players. 

The other problem Anthony has is not with the Knicks players, but the head coach, Derek Fisher. Anthony and a few other players do not like the Triangle, they feel that it's limiting them offensively. Fisher is a much harder coach than Woodson ever was. A source close to the Knicks told ESPN's Chris Broussard that "It's just basketball stuff the players don't like doing." Good thing that these current Knicks players are mostly on one-year deals, so they won't be back next year. 

This is the first season in a while in which I have seen Carmelo visibly frustrated. Hopefully he doesn't have to endure this much longer.