Marrone's Hiring Reminds Me of....

By RobManley
Jan. 11, 2017

The would be epically stupid not to even consider Doug Marrone as a potential replacement if they move on from Bradley.

— StarrStruck (@LandofSoldiers)

The year was1982, then Giants Coach Ray Perkins stepped down in late December to take over his alma-mater Alabama which gave way to the most successful era in New York Giants history. Defensive coordinator Bill Parcells would take over the reigns as the Giants Head coach in January of 1983. The quarterback at the time of the change was a struggling Phil Simms who Parcells actually benched in favor of Scott Brunner. The quarterback switch almost cost Parcells his job as the Giants swirled through a dumpster fire season going 3-12-1. The Giants reluctantly gave Parcells another chance at redemption which lead to Simms re-birth that marked 7 of 8 winning seasons and 2 Super Bowls wins.

It’s been well documented that Parcells and Simms never seen eye-to-eye during their stormy tenure together but fact is Parcells bought out the best in Simms which could be the case for a struggling Blake Bortles and new head coach Doug Marrone who’s a no-nonsense type coach. The Jaguars were expected by some (including the man writing this article) to make a huge jump this season but Gus Bradley failed to inspire a talented Jaguars team and the result was Bradley losing his job after a week 15 melt down to the Houston Texans. Marrone was bought in as interim head coach going 1-1 which later lead to his recent hiring removing the interim tag.

Is it possible Marrone can be the next Parcells? The Jaguars appears to be a much talented group than the Buffalo Bills team Marrone inherited in 2013. The Jaguars have a quarterback with face of the franchise make-up in Bortles, the Buffalo Bills team did not as they played inconsistent and was led by rookie Ej Manuel who’s now a backup holding on for dear life with the current Bills team and Kyle Orton, who’s out of the league. The 2014 Bills team still ended up 9-7 which remains their last winning season.

While leaving the Bills on a winners note, Marrone’s tenure with the Bills was deemed shaky as he abruptly departed by exercising his opt-out clause. Players felt he quit and betrayed them but one things was certain, they knew they were headed in the right direction. Whether it was squabble with management or knowing his hometown Jets was looking for a new coach, its unknown why Marrone quit, but this time around he has a chance to erase his quitters reputation and make his mark on talented Jaguars team.

Marrone comes into a better situation with Bortles who’s shown flashes of being a star and is still going through growing pains. This is not to say Marrone will follow suit and hoist two Lombardi trophies like Parcells but Marrone was clearly a logical choice that will instill discipline in the young Jaguars team. And how about my tweet above, good for the Jaguars listening and cashing in on Marrone. 

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