Not so Fast, My Case for Loggains return in 2017

By RobManley
Dec. 21, 2016

Dowell Loggains is finishing his first season as Bears offensive coordinator. Before we rush to judgment and send him packing you just might want to hold the horse in the stable. Loggains offense ranks 15th in the league, not too shabby considering its his first year at the helm, and when you considered the fact the Bears have been through the likes of John Shoop (finished 28th 2003), Terry Shea (finished 32nd 2004), Mike Martz (finished 30th 2010) and Mike Tice (finished 28th 2012), the Bears are not in as bad of a spot as you believe.

When Josh McDaniel’s took over the Patriots offense in the 2006 season the Patriots finished 11th in the league, the following season the Patriots finished 1st. It helps to have Tom Brady in his prime but a fact is a fact.Consider Darrell Bevell, the offensive of coordinator of the Seahawks. Bevell’s Seahawks ranked 28th in total offense during his first season in 2011 then jumped to 17th in the 2012 season which included a playoff run. The 2013 season featured the first of two Super bowl appearances.

Finally, the man most Bears fans want, Mike McCoy, his Denver offense finished 15th in the league his first season in 2009 much like Loggains Bears in 2016. The point I’m trying to make is it’s rare for a first-year offensive coordinator to make a big splash unless he has a high-quality Quarterback and Loggains doesn’t have that going for him. Considering the fact Loggains had to work with 3 different quarterbacks and still is on pace to have a top 15 offense is very impressive. I understand he can have lapses in situational calls, but he has shown flashes of brilliance. Loggains is only 36 years old and is still learning, let him grow with this young core group of players and lets’ see what happens. Imagine Loggains with a healthy full time starting QB he can grow with, it’s all about patience in this scenario, the Bears should give Loggains another shot next season then make a judgement.

The 2011 Seahawks appear to be the mirror image of these Bears, yes you read that correctly. The Seahawks were a random afterthought in the 2011 season finishing with a record of 7-9 during Matt Hasselbecks final season, then came the 2012 season where the team caught steam lead by then rookie Russell Wilson, and if you recall, it all started with a comeback overtime win VS the Bears that catapulted the Seahawks into a playoff run.

Once the Bears shore up their secondary they will in fact mirror those Seahawks. If you follow my prior article I noted that Matt Barkley’s first four NFL starts is no different than Russell Wilson’s, in fact Barkley’s is better. Barkley and Wilson will have unique jump starts to their NFL careers if Barkley’s take off.

During the 2012 season the Seahawks jumped into free-agency and paid big bucks for Matt Flynn, but something strange happened in the preseason of 2012, Wilson was raising eye brows while Flynn was slowly losing trust of the coaching staff. Today, Matt Flynn is currently on the streets waiting for a phone call while Wilson is perennial pro-bowler and Super Bowl Champion. The Bears are in a similar situation much like those Seahawks. Will the Bears trade for Jimmy Garoppolo or jump into free agency and pay Mike Glennon? Barkley knows the window of opportunity is staring him down and he clearly has shown he wants to have a shot as a starter. Imagine a similar scenario starring Barkley.

Don’t look now but the Bears could be on to something big next season. Keeping Dowell Loggains makes logical sense, remember that old saying “if it ain't broken don’t try to fix it.” I don’t consider the Bears a broken offense, I consider the Bears offense one that can improve with experience and continuity. Firing Loggains and bringing in someone else clearly would be a step back. The Bears have a young core group of players who need Loggains because they can grow together and gain more comfort. With a healthy offense returning next season it’s possible the Bears offense can make drastic improvements and move up the charts to a top 10 offense. Let’s not forget who was part of Russell Wilsons success, Marshawn Lynch whose game resembles Jordan Howard. Relax Bears fans we’re closer than you think. The Bears can't screw this up.

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