So we Welcome Benny The Bear

By RobManley
Mar. 22, 2017

NFL: Carolina Panthers at Los Angeles Rams

The Chicago Bears signed Benny Cunningham to the infamous one year deal late Tuesday. So, we really have gone into the deep end signing Benny Cunningham. I would suppose the Bears will use Cunningham for his kick returning services (Averaged 27.1-yard KR avg which is 2nd among active players) but ask yourself a question has Benny Cunningham done anything special in his career to make you jump for joy? No, which is why I'm not impressed with the signing while every Chicago media mogul goes over details of what Benny can do for you. Benny can't do anything for me except be known as Benny the Bear on bad team. Okay he's 26 years old and has only been in the league 2 years, maybe in year 3 Benny will tear it up eh... The Bears continue to make mediocre "pennies in the lake" signings and its getting old. If the Bears are so concerned about the return game why can't they address it in the draft and find a late round hybrid speedster? Oh yea, I forgot speedster gambler Jerry Angelo is no longer part of the organization. While Bears faithfuls are being optimistic about the latest signings, nothing the Bears have done has been intriguing. They signed Mike Glennon to be their future quarterback, but we still don't know what he is having played sparingly over his career. The Bears added secondary depth with the signings of Prince Amukamara and Quinton Demps. Amukamara is coming off his superb 0 interception season with the Jags, and time will tell whether Demps best season of his career came from the system he benefited in. The Bears must learn in this day in age you get what you pay for and nothing is going to change unless you SPEND. Check out my main man Pete Prisco's (who I trust) latest free agent grades I'm sure you'll be pleased where the Bears stand.