You Should Love when the Lakers are Great! The away crowd shows up, BIG!

By Ronald Williams
Jun. 29, 2018

Royalty: Purple and Gold! Is the color of choice for the most prestigious franchise the NBA has seen! The team with the most dynasties in the NBA! There is something about that embroidery that sparkles the entire league when they are at their greatest! The All-time Laker team of: Magic, Kobe, Worthy, Kareem, Shaq, West, Mikan, Chamberlain, Baylor, Goodrich, and Cooper has to be the best all-time team by far. To add they practice next to the Playboy Bunny Ranch. Who wouldn't want to endeavor such a legacy?

You can hate all you want! Why are you? Is it the banners? Is it the market? Is it the history? Is it the practice facility? Is it the players? I mean, the Lakers have been the royal organization since 1946, well, that's when the reign first started. Having a total of 16 titles (dating back to their first title run during the 1978-79 season and their last title run was during the 2009-10 season). We are experiencing the longest drought in Lakerland history at eight seasons without a taste of even making it to the playoffs, let along the Finals. While other teams have emerged and took over this feat, we have to think the Lakers will be primed to be their shortly. The Lakers, unlike the Clippers, does the entire league justice, yes, even your favorite team when they have players worth spending their dollar on to witness.

July 8, 2017: Summer League, Celtics vs Lakers, Las Vegas.....1st sold out Summer League Game, Ever

Check out the numbers: (please visit the URL's to blow your minds)

ESPN: Lakers and Sixers generated a 1.8 metered market rating, making it ESPN's 2nd best game of the season. Up 38% from last years Clippers/Grizz game (1.3)

ESPN: The Lakers had 35 nationally televised games for the 2017-2018 season. Trailing the likes of: Golden State, Houston, Cleveland, and Oklahoma.

ESPN: Landed in the top-5 of the night also with its broadcast of the Summer Pro Basketball game between the LAL and the LAC

2017-2018 NBA Summer League

Lakers finish in top 5 in most consistent fan-base

Noticed that these are ratings from the 2017-2018 campaign, only. However, some are being compared to previous ratings from year's prior to the date mentioned. Kind of scary to when you think about it. Not including the past Laker teams!

What is the trend? The Lakers have a young stud in Ball and a young team that have been bringing great energy on the court and viewers are taking notice. They see the making of something special. Opposing teams are benefiting from it when playing against them; home or away. Even while the Lakers are at a mediocre level in their rebuilding stages, the impact here is felt without going off the charts with numbers or long history of the franchise.

I mean at the end of the day, it is Hollywood, you know! When you have stars like, Denzel, Leonardo, Usher, Snoop, Cube and Smith being Hollywood's finest, it's no wonder the Lakers have that motion picture stardom aura that is with them. They are surrounded by nothing but the best. So it would only be right for that affect to rub off on the team, while affecting the rest of the league. With stars like: Mikan, Magic, Kareem, Kobe, Shaq, Gasol, Jack "The Wolf" Nicholson, and now Ball, there is no wonder opposing arenas benefit when the rival Lakers visit. You really want to see your team beat them and have bragging rights about it. Rightfully so, as they are packed with star-power. They are mainstream because they have mainstream people throughout the city.

2015-2016 NBA Season Western Conf. Home and Road Attendance

Top 5 Home: Dallas, Golden State, Utah, Portland, Clippers

Top 5 Road: Lakers, Oklahoma, New Orleans, Golden State, San Antonio

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Nevertheless, when there aren't any stars in Hollywood or when the Lakers are underachieving, the lights, camera and action is slightly dim internally and opposing arenas find it hard too when the Lakers visit as the chance to increase the ticket prices or have a large viewing are closed. TV ratings go down and people care less about your team having a chance to beat the hottest team since the beginning of ages if they are not that good or at least electrifying; as we witnessed from the different Lakers dynasties. When the Lakers are bad, not only does the town itself abandon them due to them under-performing, however, it's a ripple affect. Nobody wants to see the Lakers when they are sub-par or just flat out terrible. Rightfully so, when you have 16 banners. There is a little more added requirement to get to the playoffs to compete for a title.

Bad Season in the making

Sell-out ended

So the Lakers serve the league justice when they have a Star on their roster. Not to mention 2 or 3, then there may be standing room only in opposing gyms. While the television may serve as the best medium to watch them in this regard due to the high demand of tickets. The revenue spikes as well! Tickets sells are increased, merchandise sells are increased, and that is a for all owners as they look for one thing beside winning, PROFIT. So when your arena is jammed packed, put a smile on your face, in my Joker voice.

With reference to just the 2017-2018 NBA season, we can see the impact the young Lakers had on the league. Now just imagine the years prior, when they were at their glory. Recall Kobe's last year in the NBA. There were sellout's after sellout's. The ticket prices were increased, and spectators were paying the price to partake in Kobe's farewell tour. Who do you all think that benefited? The Lakers didn't get anything from the 41 games they played away from Staples. Yes, that is correct. All of the owners and the entire NBA benefited from Kobe's final season in the league. With that being said, when the stars come out wearing that Purple and Gold, there is only positive things that come about for the NBA.

It's only far that the Purple and Gold regain their dominance for the betterment of the NBA.....I mean, there is money to be made after-all!!! So, rival executives shouldn't feel any malice in their hearts with aiding the Lakers getting their glow back. I mean at the end of the day, tickets will get sold!!!