Browns fall 28-7, Jackson makes questionable decision

By LoganMcCort
Nov. 11, 2016

The Cleveland Browns fell to the Baltimore Ravens last night by a score of 28-7.  The loss by the dismal Browns is no surprise to anyone, but Hue Jackson's decision making should be. 

I understand that you are 0-9 and just want to win a game, but the decision Jackson made last night made no sense. The Browns organization is known for using a more than normal amount of quarterbacks. Since 1999, the Cleveland Browns have had 24 starting quarterbacks and that doesn't include the ones who have started this year. So why swap out signal callers all night? 

I get that the Browns offense had no spark, but how in the world do you expect veteran Josh McCown to provide one? The Browns should be evaluating Kessler to see if he could possibly be their franchise quarterback. That means you give him full game reps and let him showcase his talent. If he doesn't have what it takes, at least he got his shot.

I've been a huge Hue Jackson supporter and I still am. All this losing has to be taking its toll on him as a person and as a play caller. The more games you lose, the hungrier you get to win. You also start to make questionable decisions like the one we saw last night. My only advice for Hue is to keep evaluating and for Browns fans, we just have to remain patient.

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