The many Paths for the Lakers

By Jesus Wood
Apr. 19, 2017





The Lakers are going to have one of the biggest off seasons in as many decades. With so many things going on in the off-season, the new Front office of Magic Johnson and Rob Pelinka will have their hands full, phones ringing and eyes closely on the draft lottery. Soon after the selection, depending on whether the Lakers lose the pick or keep it they have to look into trading or drafting and for who.

First option: Keep the team as is. Wait on the Growth and Development of Ingram, D'Angelo, Julius and the potential top 3 pick, teamed with J.C., David Nwaba and Larry Nance Jr., while bringing back Tyler Ennis, Tarik Black, Thomas Robinson and minimizing salary to add some solid F.A. Within 2 years they could potentially become contenders and 3 years before they are serious contenders due to chemistry and experience with so many play making options.

Second option: With so many assets they can legitimately trade for any top elite player, scorer, 4th quarter closer and play makers. The only players the Lakers should close the door on trading should be Brandon Ingram and Jordan Clarkson. Because J.C. can be an essential scorer out of the bench and spot starter who can drop 15 PPG with 6th man potential. We saw Ingram get better and comfortable every game with a very high ceiling, much higher than Durant at faster pace.

Trade options

Paul George: Offer the minimum since

1. Pacers were entertaining offers in attempt to trade him before the deadline and he having no knowledge of it left a bad vibe with him.

2. Lack of trades to improve Pacers for second half of season and playoff run, nearly missing playoffs.

3. He is not happy with the lack of performance by team during the season and Playoffs vs Cavs even been calling them out in post game interviews.

Trade: Pick (if kept) Nick Young (if doesn't opt out) and Julius Randle

Jimmy Butler: Value for him will be very high. Jimmy Buckets is a scorer and a top notch defender, regardless of playoff outcome if the Bulls upset and advance in playoffs while eliminating the Celtics his value will sky rocket!

Trade: Pick (if kept), Julius Randle, D'Angelo Russell and Nick Young (if doesn't opt out)

Staying away from Carmelo: IT IS ESSENTIAL! I mean come on, man is out of his prime, demands the ball too much, can't carry the team if he was driving the team bus. Plus he is going through a big problem with his wife LaLa after impregnating a stripper.

Free Agents

Out of all the potential Free Agents these are the ones the Lakers should consider picking up, but before anything they have to find away to rid Luol Deng and that ugly contract left by Jim Buss.

Blake Griffin / Steph Curry / Kevin Durant / Gordon Hayward / Chris Paul / Kyle Lowry / Paul Millsap / Jeff Teague / Greg Monroe

From this list the best options are Jeff Teague because he can be very effective off the bench and Gordon Hayward to add 4th quarter scoring. Someone like Steph Curry would be a huge pickup that can add an additional 20+ wins. Hard to say he leaves and especially to a team like the Lakers, but who knows, Shaq left Orlando for Lakers with little on roster.

For me personally, best option is to keep this core group as is, bring in some talent and trade the pick (if kept) for more assets. Find a way to rid Luol and make room on the salary.