The Champ is Dead. God Bless The Champ.

By Mark Anthony DiBello
Jun. 04, 2016

As a child, one of my idols was Muhammad Ali. I had many 8” x 10” Sports Illustrated magazine photos of him posted on the wall in my bedroom. His recorded image is one of the most iconic and memorable in all media. I love that.

I loved the fact during his athletic career he was “The Greatest.” I always love to witness the human who The Lord God created to be the greatest of any sport [or any God-given talent].

In addition, I liked and still like bo. It is one of the most primal and primitive of athletic competitions and the most fundamental of sports. Therefore, I loved the fact that there was a clear-cut champion who was the greatest in that sport.

I also love when an athlete transcends sport and becomes an icon, hero, or living legend; when an athlete uses his entire being to be more than just an athlete.

I also loved his popularity and the fact he was once considered the most popular athlete in the world. And I love how the greatest of athletes, celebrities and people wanted to be known by him.

Furthermore, I loved his legendary self-confidence; loved it. I know a great athlete must have the greatest confidence and he had that. I never considered him a braggart or cocky because I always knew that The Creator, God, will humble every human-being just as He did with Muhammad; through injury, illness and ultimately death; and I love that God so publicly humbled Muhammad Ali.

I was blessed to say hello, once, to The Champ, when I saw him seated at LAX awaiting a flight. He was there, sitting alone, surprisingly to me, without another person seated near him. I can still see that image in my mind. The image and recollection of this man, once the most popular athlete or person in the world, seated alone, unattended to and without an entourage; a human, a regular passenger and traveler through life; just like me. For that moment, that one moment in time, which I will prayerfully always remember, down to the very seat he sat in, the Lord God let me be in his presence and placed us together on this planet. I was spiritually honored and humbled.

In truth, I hate death. I hate the loss of life and I dislike when humans are glorified after they die. They earned accolades while they were alive; they should receive them all while they are alive. They should be loved and revered for their life and I want that we greater celebrate human life while they and we are living. I pray that all humans have such love for God, and one another, and that they and we live everyday and celebrate everyday as if it were their and each others final; because one day it will be.

Death is the greatest exhibition of the humility and humbleness of our humanity. I don’t know if Ali is in Heaven or Hell; no man knows, but The Creator, Himself; and while I do believe, that Jesus is "the way, the truth, and the life; and no one comes to The Father, but through The Son"; there are many ways to Jesus. I hope God the Father and the angels showed Muhammad Ali the light [even if in the final 30 minutes of his life].

God bless, The Champ, in death; one of the greatest athletes, Afro-Americans, Muslims and peacemakers who ever lived. God bless.

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