Coaching Change in Miami to Make the Difference?

By Drew Mesiano
Oct. 09, 2015

​Coming into this 2015 season, there were high expectations for the Miami Dolphins. Tannehill had shown growth and maturity at the end of last year as well as in this preseason and there was a great confidence in him coming from the organization. RB Lamar Miller was also projected to have a productive season and be Tannehill's right hand man catching passes out of the backfield. The Dolphins had seemed to complete the puzzle on the offensive side of the ball with a young but bright receiving core adding Jordan Cameron , and drafting DeVante Parker this offseason. Just as importantly though, the Miami defense was considered a top defense coming into the year. Everything looked promising heading into the 2015 campaign, but it has been anything but getting off to a 1-3 start.

Tannehill was to be the main focus for this Miami offense and was given a $96 million extension this offseason, keeping him around until 2020. The QB is not quite living up to his new contract this year. While his numbers are decent, wins and losses are most often tied to the quarterback. With 7 passing touchdowns and 5 interceptions through the first four weeks of the season, it seems Tannehill has just had some tough breaks and untimely turnovers that have contributed to some notches in the loss column. I believe the coaching change will have little effect on Tannehill's individual play, but will allow the QB to be in more desirable situations where I feel he can really shine through the remainder of the season.

Where I think the coaching change is most applicable is with bringing out the best in the star skill position players. Getting running back Lamar Miller much more involved would be a good start. Establishing a run game is crucial when nurturing a young quarterback, and Miller has an excellent skill set. He has had a limited number of touches thus far, but is clearly their number one back. A lot of pressure has been put on Ryan Tannehill to not only lead but carry this Dolphins offense, and it has lead to dismal overall numbers. Look for Miller to see more carries, more catches, and be Tannehill's outlet going forward. Not to over look the offensive coordinator in Miami, but this stagnant offense needs a jumpstart. And by the looks of the first practice under new interim head coach Dan Campbell, it seems his primary focus is to get the team fired up.

The Dolphins have also made a recent change in the defensive coordinator position, relieving Kevin Coyle. The Miami defense also entered the season with high expectations and added 4 time pro-bowler Ndamukong Sun to their already ferocious front line. After the first 4 weeks the Dolphins are ranked 30th over all and dead last against the run. After spending a pretty penny on a defensive tackle, this is just unacceptable. We will have to see what another staff change will do for this Dolphins defense, but right now it can't get much worse. With the top spot in the division slowly slipping out of reach, it seemed like the right time for Miami to make the moves they have. But with two games against the Patriots and another game versus the Jets time will only tell of the Dolphins will be able to salvage what seemed to be a promising season.