4 Games Tonight! Let's make some money

By MichaelGiuliani
Oct. 31, 2016

With 4 games I am going to make this short and sweet! First game, nets bulls, big men, Taj, should get 40 tonight easily!! May take one of the 2 PG's in this, I can see either doing great here...Booker is a must play at that price!!! He has been a beast lately!!! Although I like Taj and Booker here, neither one of them get up too many 3s, I like 3 point shooters in my LU's since we get that extra .5 for 3's...I like big men who can either bang 3's or block 5 shots and get 4 steals like my man in Philly...This is why I like their backup C, he is a big man that can hit 3's and get a DDBL...They may limit Brook's mins tonight so I am looking for who is going to pick up the slack, if there is any...It's the Lopez brothers against each other tonight, historically Robin has played great against his brother, he may be a decent option to get some good points from a big....He has had some of his best games against his brother...

Denver game Mudiay should have a great game, this back court for the Raps has 5 steals combined in all games...JV will have a huge night since denver can't decide which bigs to keep in the game more than 5 mins....Barton is a great value and will get you some good mins and points if he can knock down some shots! I think you splurge on Derozan, he is a 40-50 point player every night! 

ATL I really like and I want their front line but I can't see this being a close game...I see them sitting most of the 4th and the 1 player I may take here is Ty Lawson....He is cheap and gets the minutes..I think Howard again has to be in the game more since they are playing the big man and need those boards and rim protecting...Humphries may get 20 minutes again depending on the score...But I still see D12 and Cousins battling it out most of the game....No way Howard only plays 19 mins tonight...

Last game Blake is the man, TJ is the man! Big men should dominate the night!! I am going in hard on bigs!! Here is one of my lineups for tonight, I am taking a couple junk players to get in all the guys I want...If you want better value, play more BKN players, look at the matchups and see who will do well off the bench...I can see any one of them putting up 30, Kilpatrick is a nice option, I don't see Bogie doing much tonight at home, rarely does and especially against a good defense like CHI....So here is a LU, find some value, get your bigs in and make some money!!!

Also if DJ doesn't play for the Clips, look for a HUGE game from Mo Buckets!!! Also we could get a B Bass appearance....Not too many bigs in docs rotation which should give TJ the green light for a huge game and Blake also...I am taking them both and waiting on news on DJ or I am just going to throw in Mo since DK won't let you swap players now and it's a late game...I will just assume he takes the night off against a terrible team where he may not be needed as much to win...Especially with Docs trust in Mo, if it's a question mark, he will sit....Big night for Blake, TJ, and possibly Mo.....

PG Ty Lawson [email protected] $5,600 swap out

SG DeMar DeRozan [email protected] $7,300 swap out

SF T.J. Warren [email protected] $5,400 swap out

PF Kris Humphries [email protected] $3,000 swap out

C J. Valanciunas [email protected] $6,700 swap out

G Will Barton [email protected] $5,700 swap out

F Blake Griffin [email protected] $8,800 swap out

UTIL Dwight Howard [email protected] $7,500 swap out