A few Great Plays Tonight!

By MichaelGiuliani
Nov. 06, 2016

Not too many games tonight total but I like the 4 game pick in Draftkings for 6pm. A lot of value here with the BOS game with Crowder being out and with SAC on a B2B...I love Marcus Smart and Avery Bradley tonight! Of course you can't talk about Celtics without throwing in Thomas!! Value pick for SAC you have a couple good options, Matt Barnes has gotten no minutes the past 2 games, I can see him getting 25-30 mins tonight and getting 30 points...He is a good veteran player and when he starts hitting, he can knock down 4 or 5 threes, not to mention pass and get boards...

The DEN game on a back to back, Chandler was my pick last night and ended up with a DDBL, tonight after he played over 30 mins and being older, I would assume those minutes go to Faried tonight, what he does with them, who knows..Cousins is on the every other game tip so with a sht game last night, look for 50-60 out of him!! Barnes really depends on whether or not Gay plays of course..He has a rib issue and is a Q tonight, he may go but if he does, he may not be 100% still, in that case you need to find some other value options.

The Lakers you have to get in Russell and Randle!! They have been playing great lately and I don't see them slowing down anytime soon, they are young and can really put up some good points for you. 

Some value options in case Gay goes tonight, Smart and Bradley, just obvious to me! JV has yet to match his fast start but @6600 and a bad SAC team on a B2B, he may be a good option. Ty Lawson at 5 grand is a good pick to get you 30 with some value. He only played 20 mins of his usual 30+ last night I assume to be fresh for tonight...Temple last night put up astounding numbers for 3 grand, on a back to back he may just get as many minutes as he did last night!! If he does, look for him for another 30+ performance..It seems like SAC is starting to like Temple over Lawson or Barnes lately but on a B2B check starting lineups and see who will be putting in the mins before hand..

Tony Snell is starting for the Bucks tonight, He has a ceiling of around 35 but against NO he put up some good numbers, with the Bucks on a B2B, he may just get some good minutes and some good points..For 3800, you only lose if he goes for less than 20...Tyson Chandler has had 2 games in a row even with Len being back over 30!!! He is 4600 and if he can get you 30 for that price, great option!!! The dude is a rebounding beast!!!! 

I like Booker tonight against the Lakers! At 6100 he can go off for 40-50 points!! He is looking healthy lately and I don't see a cap on what he can do...He has the stroke from 3 and he is over 2 grand less than DeRozan!! Williams is a Q for Dallas, if he doesn't go the obvious pick is JJ!! He plays better than Williams most of the time anyway and is a great option!!! Looks like he is getting the start at SG anyway so I am going with him regardless!!! 

This is the starting LU for BOS: Jaylen Brown committs too many fouls, won't be in long..Amir could be some great value! I still like Smart off the bench!!! I think BOS has the best value out there tonight! Good LUCK!!! Make some money!!!

Isaiah Thomas (PG) ($7500)
2. Avery Bradley (SG) ($6000)
3. Jaylen Brown (SF) ($4000)
4. Amir Johnson (PF) ($4400)
5. Tyler Zeller (C) ($4300) 

These matchups have to be considered as well as who is on B2B...Blowouts kill your starters a lot in the 4th so be careful!!! The Celtics may just blow out the Nuggets on a B2B so I am going kind of bench heavy with those 2 teams for value, possibly Faried tonight? With the Bucks coming off a B2B the game against winless garbage Dallas may be a little tighter than usual...I am definitely going in on MIL with the Greek Freak, he only played 20 something mins last night and almost had a TRPDBL....Tonight I expect one from him!! Also cheap PF, you can't go wrong usually with Harrison Barnes and Parker, both at 5900 should get you over 30 each...If you really want to take a shot, Jordan Farmar may get some mins tonight and he is only 3 grand! Combine that with the 2 PF's you have room for DeRozan, Cousins, Greek freak, and even with Jaylen Brown's foul trouble, he may get some extended mins tonight along with Marcus Smart...I love Bradley but Smart can easily get as many points as him depending on mins....For 4600 you have to consider him..Zeller has been pretty good lately and he is super cheap for a starting C!! Tony Snell is getting the start tonight, if he gets 30 mins again, he can put up some good #s...For 3800, again more room for big guns!!! 

TELETOVIC had a great game last night, I wouldn't necessarily put him in tonight but he shot lights out last night, 7-9 3's!!!! If he gets mins and can shoot like that again, he is cheap and may get you good value...I think he played those mins just to give some starters a rest on a B2B so don't expect too much tonight from him...Monroe played all of 15 mins last night, I expect more out of him tonight and even if he plays 25, against DAL, expect a minimum of 35 from him!! NURKIC at 6400 is a toss up for me with JV at 6500....Either one I think is a good pick tonight! With so much value out there it's tough not to put in 5-10 LU's just because you don't know who will be the ones to really light it up...Zeller, Smart, Bradley, Barnes, Parker, Monroe, Tyson Chandler is cheap as hell!!! So many options, have to look at matchups and prior games, how each coach plays their stars on B2B game nights...I think the Bucks saved a lot of energy for their stars tonight! I think BOS will completely dominate SAC tonight and SAC's bench could get a lot of junk mins...Lou Williams is a crazy value along with Nance JR. tonight in the LAL game...With Randle unable to stay out of foul trouble lately against a decent front in PHO he may have some troubles tonight...I think it will give Nance Jr some good minutes to show off his athleticism and scoring ability!! 

Here is one of my LU's I like quite a bit....I have about 8 in so far and still working on it!! I have quite a few more I am putting in also but I have 4 guys averaging 40 and the rest I am pretty confident can get me 30+ this is one without Cousins who I think is going to do pretty well tonight..

PG G. Antetokounmpo 49.8 swap out
SG DeMar DeRozan 47.0 swap out
SF Devin Booker 27.3 swap out
PF Amir Johnson 21.4 swap out
C Tyler Zeller 22.0 swap out
G Avery Bradley 39.6 swap out
F Terrence Ross 17.7 swap out
UTIL Isaiah Thomas 43.0 swap out


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