My Bastian Schweinsteiger Take

By MLSAces
Mar. 23, 2017

MLS: Chicago Fire at Atlanta United FC

The Chicago Fire have signed German soccer legend, Bastian Schweinsteiger. I have seen plenty of backlash against the move by the Fire on various websites such as Twitter and I am going against the grain and saying that I fully support the move by the Fire. I understand that the league is moving away from the older DP players and looking at young South Americans... but talent is talent. Schweinsteiger is still a better midfielder than many other midfielders in the league and adding him to a roster is just a solid move. Schweinsteiger comes to the Fire as a 32 year old DP. The league has seen plenty of older DP's come in and make an impact on their team. Yes, there also has been many failures (such as Steven Gerrard) but plenty have also made positive impacts (such as David Villa and Clint Dempsey). Bastian was not getting much playing time in Manchester and has decided to challenge himself by moving to MLS, and I respect that. I have full respect for Bastian Schweinsteiger and what he could potentially add to the Fire midfield. Schweinsteiger is potentially better than other starters on this roster such as; Arturo Alvarez (who is 31), John Goossens, and Matt Polster. Having a potential midfield including Schweinsteiger, McCarty, and Juninho sounds very dangerous but desperate for bench depth. This improves the Fire without a doubt but not to a level of New York Red Bulls, NYCFC, TFC, or even Montreal. We will see how the Fire and Schweinsteiger look after his arrival and I'm glad to see the big German in America.

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