USA vs Mexico post game reactions

By MLSAces
Nov. 13, 2016

What a messy game. The United States did exactly what everyone didn`t want them to do. The United States lost a heartbreaker in Columbus 2-1 to Mexico on November 11th. A few days have passed and I think I`ve sucked up enough information to write a comprehensive article about this. The United States surprisingly (and not surprisingly) came out in a 3-5-2 against Mexico. I say not surprisingly because you as a USMNT fan I know that Jurgen Klinsmann can never stick with one style of play. We saw Tim Howard start in net which I completely agree with since he is our most inform keeper. Now onto the three man back. I am not a fan of a three man back unless you are a team that has three quick and talented defenders... the United States did not. We started Omar Gonzalez on the right, Brooks in the middle, and Besler on the left. Timmy Chandler played as a right wing back and Fabian Johnson as a left wing back. The defense looked extremely sloppy and confused. Omar Gonzalez looked very uncomfortable along with Timmy Chandler. I don`t blame them however, this is where I blame Jurgen. In his tenure with the USMNT Klinsmann has never really gotten into tactical discussion. I think this is exactly what we saw on Friday. Chandler, Gonzalez, Besler, and the rest of the defense just looked confused and not knowing exactly how they should play. This is where I get angry with JK. This confusion on the defense directly stems off and effected the midfield as well. Michael Bradley and Jermaine Jones weren`t as physical but I believe that was from them trying to do so much with helping the defense. One positive I do have to state from the midfield was Pulisic. He was obviously targeted by the Mexican defenders but he used his skill and creativity with the ball to be the best American on the field. But on the opposite side of things Pulisic looked lost at times, again I blame JK for that. Klinsmann switching to a 3-5-2 and it failing early hurt so many of the USMNT players. Finally, we have the forwards. I love the USMNT playing with three forwards up top, but obviously due to injury we had to play with two. I like the opposite playing styles of Wood and Altidore and on their goal it finally paid off. I think that Altidore and Wood looked good at time but the mess of the midfield and defense hurt their chances of being successful. I am here talking horribly about Klinsmann but I do want to state that I`m not on the generic "fire Klinsmann" whining. I have never been crazy about him but this might have been one of the worst losses I`ve seen in recent years. JK came out with a new formation and wasn`t able to adjust. He looked lost and helpless. I want to see major adjustments going into the Costa Rica match from him and from the play of many of the players on the field. There is no way that players like Timmy Chandler, Fabian Johnson, Christian Pulisic, and Jermaine Jones who are such confident figures for their club team look so lost in national team play. This game was very upsetting as a USMNT fan, I hope that we can have a huge and positive turn around next Tuesday. 

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