NCAA March Madness 2018

By Bob Smith
Feb. 28, 2018

It’s Almost that time of the year again! The National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) has begun hosting its annual collegiate sports championships, giving young athletes the rare opportunity to win a highly coveted title for their school’s team. This is an exciting time, where every team wants to put their best foot forward and families are flying out all over the country to cheer on potential future champions.

The 2018 March Madness basketball championship Starts on March 11. Of the 68 teams participating, only 4 teams will make it to the finals; My money is on Gonzaga, South Carolina, North Carolina, and Oregon. Last year, the North Carolina Tar Heels brought home the gold!

The top 7 teams leading up to this years march madness are Villanova, West Virginia, Virgina. Oklahoma, Texas Tech, duke and Gonzaga. Here are key status for each team:

1. The Villanova wild cats has only one lost so far and they have wins over two top teams

2. Mountaineers Are on a 12 game winning streak

3. Cavaliers are on a six game winning streak and has only lost one game

4. The red raiders have wins over Kansas state Baylor and Nevada

5. Sooners are on a 10 game winning streak

6. The Gonzaga are ranked for over all status

With the excitement of the annual NCAA championships comes the question of the all-important sports apparel, as collegiate athletes deserve to look and feel their best during some of the most important games of the year. Image is everything, even in sports, which is why athletes need to have a fresh supply of uniforms and training gear at all times.

Displaying loyalty to your team between games and practices is another important element of maintaining morale amidst the stress of upcoming championship games. That is why you can purchase hats, sweatshirts, decals, pencils and many other miscellaneous items with your team’s logo prominently printed on it to create a sense of unity with your teammates.

And who can forget the importance of appropriate fan gear? Flags, banners, and pennants are only the beginning of what you can use to show your pride of your friend’s or loved one’s team. After all, winning takes not only practice and luck but also lots of support from the sidelines!

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