Champions League Preview Day 2

By MirelesG9
Feb. 15, 2017


Game 3
Arsenal vs Bayern München

Team outlook - 

•Arsenal - They won this weekend against Hull after coming from 2 awful games against Watford and Chelsea. Arsenal, for such a big club, have been so mediocre it's depressing and annoying. The one thing they have going for them is Alexis, but it's going to take a low more than just Alexis to get past Bayern.

•Bayern München - They finally have a lead in the league and are well on there way in finishing it off. What is somewhat unlike them though is the fact that in their last 14 matches, they have all been so close lately. Barely beating teams like Wolfsburg, Bremen and Freiburg. Regardless of that though, they're winning and that's all that matters if you're Bayern.

Prediction - Bayern München moves on
Via Sports Illustrated

Okay come on now. Really? Did you expect something else? Regardless of form or anything Bayern know exactly what they have to do and will get the job done. The only thing we are really looking forward to is, will the aggregate for Bayern be greater or smaller than 4?

Game 4
Real Madrid vs SSC Napoli

Team outlook - 

•Real Madrid - Let's be honest, they aren't at their best right now and that is loud and clear, but in part it's not because they simply aren't playing well. Madrid simply seem like they can't catch a break with all the injuries. As of now though they have a good squad fit to play Napoli. We know form doesn't really matter Madrid when coming into the Champions League, especially when they're starting to get healthy. 

•SSC Napoli - Man can this team put the ball in the back of the net. They haven't seen defeat since the 29th of October when they fell to Juventus 2-1. That's a damn good record and they have all the momentum going into this match. Mertens and the crew will be waiting for their opportunity to get a crack at Madrids' back line, and who knows, maybe they could make a splash. 

Prediction - Real Madrid moves on
Via Sky Sports

Don't get me wrong, I believe Madrid will win this at the end of the day simply because of Napoli's lack of quality when compared to Madrid. Napoli have a chance, especially if they can get it a goal or two in the first leg. I just can't see Los Blancos losing to Napoli in a 2 game stretch, if it were one game, we'd be having a different conversation, but this is Madrid we're talking about, they'll struggle, but they won't let this one slip.

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