"Rapid Fire" With Fox Florida's Jessica Blaylock: A Marlins Preview

By Phil Cantor
Apr. 17, 2015

The OSG Sports Tour Of MLB Continues In Miami
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We continue our tour of the Majors with a look at life in Miami with the Marlins- a lot of turnover and a lot of promise in a stacked National League East

OSG Sports consulted Fox Sports Florida's Jessica Blaylock who gets to spend her season on the field with the team:

What's the overall vibe of the team this year? 

Despite the slow start, there's still a positive feel in the clubhouse. These guys know they are close to breaking it open, especially now that the offense is coming along.

Expectation level this year considering the division could be interesting...??? 

I think every one expects the Marlins to compete with the Nationals for the top spot but considering the way this season has started (i.e. the success of the Mets and Braves) it could be more open than we thought.

All the new faces (whether free agent imports or comeback-types like Ichiro, Dee Gordon, Jose, Haren, and Mat Latos)- how are they integrating...??? 

What an incredible signing in Ichiro--to have the outfield you do and then a guy like him that you can plug in when need be as well as pinch hit? Dee Gordon has been sensational as has Dan Haren in his two outings.

Biggest surprise in camp? 

How athletic Ichiro still is after all these years. Its incredible to watch him play.

Biggest concern for Mike Redmond from what you've gathered early on...??? 

The bullpen. Relief pitching has been a concern.

Coolest story you've seen so far??? 

Last night, Giancarlo becoming the all time leader in home runs for the franchise.

Now, the Crystal Ball Questions that will be broken out later this season as well to see how well you picked 'em...

Other than the obvious names, who do you think people need to keep an eye on this year that could surprise (or reinforce what people already think of their MLB ability)...? 

Dee Gordon.

How do you think they'll do...??? 

2nd in the NL East. A wildcard.

Size up the rest of the division and what do you see...??? 

Boy, its been an interesting start because the teams you thought may struggle have done well and the teams you thought would do well have struggled. I still think when all is said and done, its going to be a tight battle between the Nationals and the Fish. Especially when Jose Fernandez comes back!

"Match Game"

It will be a good year if... 

They can get quality pitching from their bullpen

It will be a long year if... 

Their big time hitters struggle.

One TV question to finish...

What's the one thing the TV viewer doesn't see that they should know about to understand what it takes to put on a live event- almost every night for what will be nine months in a row...??? 

How much time our crew puts in setting up for these games. Days can be as long as 16, 17 hours when you have a game that goes on for a while. But we have a rock star crew that always makes it happen!


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