Angel Pagan Will Not Have Game Crashers, Vin Scully Breaks It Down

By Phil Cantor
Oct. 01, 2016

Don't... Just Don't...
Neville E. Guard-USA TODAY Sports

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The HQ knows that Giants-Dodgers series can go sideways at a second's notice... like last night when a fan hit the field and greeted Angel Pagan- who greeted him appropriately...


My boy Pagan body slamming a fan lmao

— X (@XavierEsWhy)

And, really, the only way to have this described- one last time- is by Vin Scully... as a reluctant Jim Ross...

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Vin Scully calling the game and Pagan taking out a kid who ran into left field. And ending it with "When in SF"

— LL (@TheLujeeeSays)

Please don't retire, Vin, please don't retire...

But to have him describe it one last time is, indeed, priceless... only in San Francisco...

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