Atlanta Falcons to Offer Affordable Concessions at New Stadium

By Phil Cantor
May. 16, 2016

by: OSGPhil/@osgphil


Raise your hand if you've been to a professional sports game in a Major Stadium and just rolled your eyes or shook your head at the cost of the concessions?

Most modern stadium bleed customers dry with $5 dollar water bottles, $7.50 Hot Dogs and $10 beers.

The Atlanta Falcons announced on Monday however they plan on changing that. 

Yes, the Falcons are building a $1 billion- stadium next to their current stadium in downtown Atlanta. And yes, they are charging for Personal Seat Licenses if you want season tickets. And yes, they game tickets like most NFL game tickets will not be cheap.

But at least you won't be forking over a weeks pay just for the right to eat or drink there.

The Falcons announced they will standardize their concession prices for the mostly commonly eaten food and drink items at most stadiums. You'll be able to $2 soft drinks--with free refills along with $2 water, hot dogs, pretzels and popcorn. For $3, you can get peanuts, a slice of pizza, nachos or waffle fries. And for $5, a 12 ounce beer like product. (Sorry--Bud or Miller-coors products are 'Beer like'...not beer)...

Anyway the move is in response to a fan survey the team conducted to help improve the game-day experience at the up and coming Mercedes Benz Stadium. We are quite sure this will be well received. You will still be able to purchase custom-made, higher end products like Hamburgers and Chicken Sandwiches, high quality draft beer and other items you'd find at a higher end restaurant. The team pledges to price those items as close as they can to what they call "Restaurant Prices"...

From the Falcons media announcement; 

We applaud the Falcons on this one: Concession purchases at a Professional Sports Stadium are a travesty and prime example in most cases of fleecing a captive audience. As an example, you can't buy any hardly concessions at nearby Turner Field--soon to be torn down and home of the Atlanta Braves--for less than $5 (a soft drink). 

It's a small gesture by the Falcons but one we hope will continue in this day of forcing fans to pay more and more for the opportunity to attend a Professional Sports event. And competing in a world where you can sit in front of a 70-inch TV on your own couch, eating your own food and drinking your own beer to watch a game makes it even more of a challenge. 

This may not solve that problem, but at least it is a step in the right direction.