Beer League Lumberjacking Gets 30-Day Sentence

By Phil Cantor
Mar. 30, 2017

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The HQ gets it... wanting to play in organized league play in your favorite sport as you get older. Fraternization, staying in shape, reliving old glory... all that...

We get it...

But what Todd Ball did as a goalie pole-vaulted the line of sanity back in May of 2016...

Here's the incident, thanks to the St. Catharine's Standard newspaper again

Ball caved in Ryan Cox's face on that breakaway and, as a result of a plea deal, gets to serve only 30 days in jail- and he gets to do that on weekends. Ball also is put on a year's probation for the final charge of "assault causing bodily harm."

Ball was initially charged with aggravated assault before the deal was struck and Cox is still having issues just living day-to-day. He suffered a concussion from the blow as well as a shattered nose, fractures on both sides of his nose and a fractured eye orbital.

Cox has six plates holding his face in place- all from in a non- tournament. Ball and his legal team presented his family history and previous record of behavior in asking for a lenient sentence from the Crown.