Blatter, Platini Appealing 8-Year Bans

By Phil Cantor
Dec. 21, 2015

This Man Is Not Giving Up Easily...

FIFA's Ethics Committee (which, in and of itself, sounds like an oxymoron) handed down 8-year bans to both former head Sepp Blatter and UEFA head Michel Platini in Switzerland this morning.

The two aren't going down without a fight as they are appealing the verdict to the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS). CAS, for those of you not fully aware, can come across sometimes like the buddy who works in the courthouse that can fix traffic tickets for you if you need them to go away. If you know the right people associated with CAS, you can get things accomplished.

Here's Blatter shortly after the fact

((HT: Channel 4 News))

He, then, sat down with SkyNews for a one-on-one

UEFA issued a statement of their own addressing Platini:

“UEFA has taken note of the decision of the FIFA Ethics Committee to suspend Michel Platini for eight years from all football-related activities,” a UEFA statement read.

“Naturally, UEFA is extremely disappointed with this decision, which nevertheless is subject to appeal.

“Once again, UEFA supports Michel Platini’s right to a due process and the opportunity to clear his name.”

The HQ isn't going to hold its breath over the next step involving CAS- since we know their history. So, we fully expect Blatter and Platini to be around for a while longer.