BMX Legend Dave Mirra Dead at Age 41

By Phil Cantor
Feb. 05, 2016

BMX Racing/Courtesy:

by: OSGPhil/@osgphil

He was the first "Breakout" star for Bicycle Motocross Racing (BMX). 

41-year old Dave Mirra, one of the original stars of the sport was found dead in Greenville, North Carolina Thursday morning. Mirra, according to the Greenville Police Department, took his own life.

Over his 20-year career, Mirra won 24 ESPN X-Games awards, hosted "Road Rules/Real World Challenge" on MTV and appeared in Video Games and on various TV Talk Shows. He was one of the most decorated "Extreme" sports athletes in the world.

Dave Mirra/Courtesy:

Mirra helped Greenville become a "Mecca" for BMX riders. More than 20 professional riders now call the area home as he did. His legacy and memory in the sport will long be remembered.

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