CFB on NYE: Clemson Cruises past Michigan St prompting Dabo Dance

By Phil Cantor
Jan. 01, 2016

Wait! They give out Title Belts Now??
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by: OSGPhil/@osgphil

No, we didn't actually get to watch the College Football Playoffs on New Years Eve. Partially because we had to work and in large part because....IT WAS NEW YEARS EVE!

It didn't stop the arrogant College Football Playoff committee from forcing the National Semifinals upon us. But in a bit of Karma, both games kinda sucked. Unless you were of course fans of the winning teams.

Clemson dominated Oklahoma in the first game winning 37-17. It was close for awhile but the Tigers just plain wore the Sooners down as the game went on.

The Tigers started a bit slow. They led 16-7 at the half. But QB DeShaun Watson threw for 187 yards and 1 TD and added 145 yards and another score to lead undefeated Clemson to the win. RB Wayne Gallman added 150 yards and a couple of TD's to add to the scoring.

The Sooners couldn't do much, the ran for 67 yards as a team. QB Baker Mayfield threw for 311 yards but had 2 INT's

Strangely, Sports Twitter is still abuzz with "Clemson sheds the Clemsoning" label which is the most idiotic thing we've heard in a long time. The Tigers are a very, very good team and in a year where there aren't many of those, they've long since proven their worth.

One of the biggest highlights these days from their wins: Coach Dabo Swinney. Swinney who is quickly becoming known for his refreshing honesty in interviews is also an accomplished dancer of sorts.

Like most every other Clemson win this season, he celebrated this one in the most Dabo way possible.

Clemson will play in the National Championship game on January 11th. That we will watch...


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